Is Benzema Heading to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar?

In any sport, a team’s ability to compete effectively depends on the availability of its best players. This is particularly true in football (soccer), where even one or two critical injuries can severely weaken a side.

When France’s coach, Didier Deschamps, announced his 23-man squad for this year’s World Cup finals, he was dealt a significant blow when striker Karim Benzema was ruled out due to injury.

There has recently been a great deal of speculation in the press over whether Karim Benzema will be invited to attend the World Cup final in Qatar 2022, as MARCA reported on Thursday. Some reports have even suggested that he may be allowed to play if he is fully recovered from his current injury by then.

However, Didier Deschamps responded coldly when asked about this possibility after France’s victory against Morocco on Wednesday night. “Next question,” was all he said. ([{, 2022)

This suggests that Benzema’s chances of being at the FIFA World Cup final are slim, and Deschamps is not particularly keen on having him back in the team.

Macron’s Idea:

There needs to be confirmed information as to why French president Emmanuel Macron wants to take injured players like Karim Benzema and other players to the World Cup final.

Macron’s idea to take the group of injured players in Qatar or who missed out due to injuries, such as Paul Pogba or N’Golo Kante, is not only ambitious but also very thoughtful. 

Furthermore, this move could help France win the World Cup; after all, having access to some of the best players in the world would give Les Bleus a significant advantage over their competition.

According to RTL (a French news outlet), Macron was at yesterday’s semi-final match between France and Morocco and announced his presence at this Sunday’s showdown against Argentina.

France’s sports minister, Amelie Oudea-Castera, has confirmed the rumored plans on RLT. “I know that e is keen to do it and is being studied. We will see if it is possible.”

Benzema is no longer injured:

Benzema has been an essential player for Les Bleus over the past few years, and his absence leaves a noticeable hole in the French attack.

When Karim Benzema was injured on November 19, there were doubts about whether he would be back in time for the FIFA World Cup, and coach Didier Deschamps decided that he would not take a risk with the striker and left him out of the team. However, it now appears that Benzema is no longer injured and may be called for France’s final squad.

There are some critical differences between Benzema’s case and those of other players who have been ruled out due to injury. For starters, Benzema has regained his fitness and played a friendly match against Leganes earlier this morning.

Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema will be a world champion even if he does not travel to Qatar for the upcoming tournament. Although he has been sidelined with an injury recently, Benzema was still named to the squad and will be on the sidelines cheering on his teammates.

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