Is a Beach Cruiser Good for Commuting?

The daily commute for many workers is one of the worst times of the day. Each morning and each evening they have to get into their cars and fight against gridlock traffic, slow cars and the polluted air of the nation’s highways. People who have very long commutes, an hour or more, end up spending much of their day sedentary. A better option may be to bike to work. Here are some things to think about if you want to use hybrid bikes for men for your commute to work.


There’s no way around it. Getting your daily 30 minutes or more of cardiovascular exercise is excellent for the heart. Most people with full-time jobs, kids and a busy social life barely have enough time to get in five minutes of physical activity. Commuting to work every day on the best beach cruisers helps get your daily fitness goals met and then some. This way, you can put your heart health first and lower your risk of chronic disease.

Weight Loss

Besides improving your heart health, biking to work every day is a great way to lose those extra pounds. Many people get so focused on their careers and their family that they forget about their bodies’ nutritional needs. Biking to and from work every day burns thousands of calories and helps keep someone fit and trim. Losing weight is a great incentive to keep going.

The Environment

If more workers made the switch from commuting via car to biking, the results for the planet would be astounding. Fossil fuels from car emissions are one of the top pollutants in the world. You can do your part and reduce your carbon footprint by using man-powered vehicles or ladies cruiser bikes to get to work instead of your gas-powered car. Spread the news about your commitment to biking to work and maybe more people you know will follow suit.


In addition to helping the environment, using your bike as your primary transportation to and from work can also benefit your wallet. The prices at the pump continue to rise, and even hybrid vehicles feel the strain. Help your budget out by switching to a vehicle that requires absolutely no gas.


Lastly, one of the worst things about having a tough commute each day is the amount of stress it adds to your life. While it’s true that some people can zone out and listen to their favorite podcasts or audiobooks, most people struggle with traffic jams, road closures and distracted drivers. Instead of struggling on the freeway, it may be a better idea to take the scenic route on a bike. Riding on your beach cruiser each day to work may help you calm down a little bit more and enjoy those early mornings before work and nice afternoons after getting off each day.

Equip Yourself

So if you’re ready to start riding to work, be on the lookout for the perfect beach cruiser that meets your needs. Plan a route ahead of time that gets you away from the worst of the vehicle traffic and into the scenery. Find the right helmet and other equipment to make your commute enjoyable every day.

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