IObit’s iFun Screen Recorder Review 2021


Often while recording the screen, you start wondering, “Which is the recent best screen recording app?” Don’t You? But, the emergence of IObit’s in Screen Recorder has set you free from all these dilemmas.


IObit’s recently launched iFun Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder software and is one of the best in the market today. It is an easy-to-use screen recorder and comes with video editing features as well. It supports a GPU hardware acceleration system that renders all recorded videos and graphics more quickly and efficiently. Released on 12th March 2021, IObit also provides an online screen recorder facility to record screens online easily.

Screen Recorder


Some of the main features of iFun Screen Recorder not provided by most of the freeware screen recorders in the market are as follows:

1. Unlimited recording time: 

iFun Screen Recorder enables you to take screen recording as long as you want. It has no record time limitation. You can also choose to record videos without a watermark for free. Extend and record clean & customized videos as lengthy as you like.

2. Screen recording with audio

iFun Screen Recorder records audio from your microphone and merges it into your video accordingly. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to record live videos, webinars, video conferences, lectures, work presentations, seminars, etc.

3. Capture screenshots while recording

Often you want to take the screenshots along with screen recording for quick reference purpose. iFun Screen Recorder allows screenshots without the need for pausing the ongoing screen recording.

4. Saves recording in multiple formats

iFun Screen Recorder saves the recorded videos in various formats such as MP4, FLV, MOV, AVI, MKV, TS, and GIF. Choose any of these formats and save the video as per your needs.

5. Facecam recording

iFun Screen Recorder has a Facecam recording function wherein it enables you to record the host’s face in a video. This feature helps record live videos, online classes, webinars, game recordings, presentations, etc.

6. Flexible & multiple display screen capture

iFun Screen Recorder provides you with flexibility in screen capturing, simultaneously increasing your productivity. Choose any area of the screen to start recording from the entire display. Record every detail and crop as per your need by dragging the dialogue box. It also allows multiple display recordings.

7. Zero lags while recording HD videos

High Definition videos are smoothly recorded with iFun Screen Recorder as it attains an average of 8% CPU utilization. Record a full-screen 2D/3D game scaling upto 4K quickly without any buffering with this screen recorder.

Screen Recorder

8. Supports different languages

Keeping in mind the people from all over the world, iFun Screen Recorder now supports 33 languages to promote localization. Language is not a barrier with this screen recorder, and you can choose the language of your choice.


Follow the below steps for screen recording using iFun Screen Recorder.

  1. Download the free iFun Screen Recorder from here.
  2. Open the screen of the website, video, game, presentation, webinar, etc., you want to record.
  3. Choose the area you want to capture by selecting the ‘Select A Region’ option and adjust the dialogue box accordingly.
  4. For audio recording, enable the mic by selecting ‘On’ in the speaker option.
  5. To start recording, press the ‘REC’
  6. Configure the video and audio settings by selecting the ‘Recording Settings’
  7. It also has access to options like ‘Screenshot’and ‘Multiple Screen Capture’. You can pause and continue as per your need.
  8. After saving the recorded screen, access the saved video from the ‘Video Tab List’.


In a nutshell, iFun Screen Recorder is an ideal screen recorder for anyone who wants easy and smooth recordings for business and personal purpose. Plus, it comes with premium features like online screen recording and unlimited record timings, usually not provided by any freeware screen recorder in the market.

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