Inner Chest Workout – Tips for Building Up Your Inner Chest

If you are looking to build up your inner chest, there are a few tips that you should consider. These include things like using the Smith machine hex press and performing pushups with your hands close together. You can also perform Dumbbell flyes and Cable cross-over exercises.

Pushups with hands close together

There are many different kinds of pushups, but the best way to develop inner chest strength is through close-grip pushups. These workouts strengthen the triceps, the primary muscles of the chest. But they also target other muscles, such as the biceps brachii.

Close-grip pushups are performed with the hands a little closer than shoulder width. This helps focus more on the triceps and the outer chest. It also reduces the stress on the elbows, which may cause injury.

However, this type of workout is also difficult for most people. Performing it with narrow hands will increase the stress on the elbows. Also, the sternocostal head, which makes up the inner chest, is more active in this type of motion.

To do close-grip pushups, begin with a plank position. Your hands should be bent at about 45 degrees, with index fingers and thumbs forming a triangle. Once your body is in the right position, start breathing in and out to raise your chest. Then, slowly and steadily lower yourself back to the plank position.

Cable cross-over exercise

The Cable cross-over exercise is a great way to get in shape and hone your chest. This exercise targets your

  • pectoralis major
  • serratus anterior
  • and back

It is also useful for boosting your core strength. This is because the cable crossovers exercise requires you to lock in your elbows and maintain a proper arch movement pattern. However, it can cause shoulder pain in some people. Hence, it is recommended that you stick to six reps or less.

There are three ways you can do the cable cross-over. If you are unfamiliar with the exercise, ask a gym trainer for assistance.

One of the better methods is to use a resistance band. You should anchor the band to a suitable place on your body and then pull it up. A good alternative is to use the cables on a bench.

For a more advanced cable cross-over, use a cable machine. These are easy to set up at home and can be used to boost your chest muscles.

Smith machine hex press

The Smith machine hex press is a great exercise to get your inner chest in shape. This exercise targets the pectoralis major. It is a nice alternative to the bench press and can be a good addition to your inner chest workout routine.

You should be able to perform at least five to ten reps of this exercise before you need to pause and rest. To do so, set up the bench correctly. You can set it up to be flat or inclined, depending on your needs. Make sure that you do not have any obstacles blocking your path.

The Smith Machine hex press allows you to do impressive work on your pecs without any spotter assistance. If you are new to this type of exercise, you can start by practicing with a bar before you move on to your sets.

Dumbbell fly

If you are searching for a new workout to add to your routine, a dumbbell fly may be the perfect option for you. This chest exercise will improve your muscle tone and flexibility. With proper form, you can even target the inner chest muscles.

The dumbbell fly is a single-joint exercise that targets the pectorals, as well as the sternal fibers. This makes it a great tool for building a well-shaped chest. However, some people have trouble performing it.

To do the dumbbell and fly properly, you must maintain a consistent elbow angle. This ensures that the resistance will be distributed evenly to the arm. You should also avoid bending your arms too much. Doing too much elbow bend can result in biceps involvement.

You should not do the dumbbell fly if you suffer from shoulder pain. Instead, you can use other exercises that help build your chest. Or, you can use a machine. Most gyms have a pec dec machine that mimics the motion.

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