Injectable Treatments for Fat and Cellulite

All people are similar. We have the same reasons to be happy and sad, all of us have our ups and downs. And our small flaws are also pretty identical: acne, scars, cellulite. Let’s stop on the last one.

Cellulite is something nine out of ten women have. It’s a natural phenomenon of the body that you don’t need to be ashamed of. However, if it is bothering you, it means some measures should be taken. There are various methods to deal with cellulite: starting from sugar scrubs, ending with using filler injections (e.g., Alidya, Botox, etc.). To understand the topic better, let’s discuss it in more detail.

How to Postpone the Appearance of Cellulite?

Before talking about treatment for cellulite, let’s clarify what that is. It is a fat deposition usually placed around the hips, thighs, and bum, causing the skin to be uneven and wrinkly. Cellulite will appear sooner or later, but it is possible to put it off.

  • Simple but effective. By firming up the skin and improving blood circulation, you’ll make a beneficial impact not only on your shape but on the health too;
  • Stay hydrated. Lack of water in the body can make the circulation worse and take back skin’s youthful and plump look. Set yourself a reminder to keep an eye on the water level;
  • Follow a balanced diet. Include such things as vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats to adjust the production of collagen and cell regeneration;
  • Use dry brushing. This method is not for everyone, but you should try it to know. This procedure stimulates the lymph flow and makes the blood circulation better;
  • Try sugar scrubs. This method is a little bit different from dry brushing. It’s recommended for sensitive skin and can be done while in the shower, bathtub, etc.

All these treatments can be conducted at home easily and will improve not only your skin condition but also health in common.

What is the Best Non-Surgical Treatment for Cellulite?

This paragraph is for those who decided to take the next step in cellulite treatment. If all procedures mentioned above are not working anymore, some can consider non-surgical cellulite treatments. Which ones?

  • Cellulite injections treatment (or mesotherapy). There are a few brands (e.g., Alidya) that can help. It stimulates the creation of collagen, which fills up the cellulite dimples. The natural collagen keeps producing for several months, and the effect stays up to a year;
  • This laser procedure breaks down the fat cells under the skin, flatten it out, and increases collagen production. The result is visible for a year or two;
  • This device shapes the body with the massager and decreases fat layers with the help of infrared light. The procedure should be repeated every three months in order to keep the result;
  • Cellulite creams. Usually are used together with one of the procedures above. It helps to produce collagen. It is not helpful if you use it alone.

Before choosing one variant, it is better to consult with the specialist and ask their opinion about how useful each one would be for you.

Injections for Cellulite

Cellulite injections are the best variant for those who want quick results. The difference of thighs, buttocks, saddlebags, etc. before and after fat dissolving injections is stunning, and the procedure itself is pretty easy.

Before using the remedy, a light anesthetic is applied to the treated area. Then, injectable agents are injected under the skin with a thin needle and little punctures (the depth is approximately 4-5 mm). The process is painless and quick, it takes 20-30 minutes to finish it. After the procedure, the doctor usually massages the treated area to spread the product evenly under the skin. The side effects are rare, may include slight bruising and swelling, but they will go away after a massage session (you can do it by yourself, 10 minutes per day during 4-5 days).

After the treatment, blood circulation improves, the skin becomes smoother and tighter, and younger looks make owners happy for a long time.

If you are doubting, look for the pictures before and after cellulite injections, the results will surprise you pleasantly.


Nothing should stay between you and your youthful looks, that’s a fact. Injectable treatments are one of the best solutions and absolutely worth trying. Leave the problem of cellulite behind and enter the new reality, with firm and flawless skin.

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