Indoor activities to try this winter

When the cold weather hits in winter it can be difficult to convince your friends – and yourself! – to get together outdoors. Fortunately though, there are plenty of indoor alternatives you can try. Below we explore the most exciting indoor activities to try this winter.

Try an escape room

An escape room is a supervised puzzle, where you work as a group to try and deduce how to get out of a specifically designed room. These rooms might contain clues to find keys or contain hidden mysteries that you need to discover. With all sorts of different themes from pop culture they can be a great way for you to spend time with friends.

Wall climbing

Many gyms now include a climbing walls. These walls can be a great way to exercise: you have to climb up these high structures using different holds with your hands and feet. Some routes are designed for beginners, while others can challenge even experienced climber. It may seem like a daunting activity initially, but once you nail down the basic technique, you’ll find that you improve rapidly.

Trampoline park

A trampoline park can be a fun way to exercise indoors. These parks contain all sorts of different trampolines, alongside safety features to give you peace of mind. If you fancy getting rid of some energy and jumping way up in the air before landing in soft foam, this is the activity for you.

Comedy shows

A comedy show can make for a unique night out. Try picking out a comedy night with your friends and make an evening of it by going out for dinner beforehand.


Mini-golfing contains all the fun – and frustration – of golf, but without having to walk so far. There are many different mini-golf courses in cities, and you don’t even need to bring any equipment to play.


Who doesn’t love karaoke? Sure, it can be embarrassing, but that’s all part of the fun. If you and your friends are struggling for inspiration for a night out, going for karaoke could be a fun option.

Movie marathon

On those freezing winter nights sometimes it’s best to just tuck up under a blanket and watch some movies. You can buy some chocolate to snack on during the marathon and get some friends over to enjoy the best films streaming services have to offer.

Winter can rule out many of your favourite sunny activities, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do. From movie nights to mini-golfing and wall climbing, there are all sorts of different indoor activities for you to get stuck into this winter.

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