India, Corona affected couple caught on the train while travelling

In India coronavirus affected couple caught on the train during travelling.

The thrill spread to the Qazi Pet railway station in the Indian state of Telangana when a couple suffering from the coronary disease was seen in the Rajdhani Express.

Both spouses had their hands sealed in Quarantine
Despite the seal, the couple was trying to hide the seal and travelling.

However, in the washbasin, a passenger on the train noticed the seal and reported it to the police, with which the police and the health department arrived and both were taken off the train and has been shifted in the separate centre of Hyderabad.

Later on, passengers of the B-One Boogie were also taken off, After the incident, the train stayed at the station for one and half an hour.

The passengers travelling with that couple were shifted to another compartment, the train was departed after spraying germs spray.

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