Incredibly Easy Guide to Using Quora Marketing in 2024

One of the widely used marketing platforms by new-age marketers is Quora. It has more than 500 million active users per month and is the potential platform for marketing. Quora is a knowledge-sharing platform that empowers people to share and gain knowledge.

In other words, it is a question-answer website, where people post questions and those who know to post their answers to those questions. Like Twitter, Quora provides profile management, but the primary objective is to get answers from experts.

Beyond answering questions, Quora also has some exciting and advanced features. It enables users to target their questions to particular Quora users and ask to answer them. Moreover, it allows users to publish the post on Quora, similar to LinkedIn.

People also promote their brands by answering particular user questions. It is called Quora marketing. Marketers use this platform for sharing useful information and influencing people’s opinions.

Quora is an excellent platform for creating organic awareness, helping businesses to know their target audiences, making people aware regarding the product and services and improving their reputation. With this platform, one can:

  • Share answers and questions with Quora’s 300 million monthly visitors
  • Make content evergreen and drive people to the site, as Quora queries are searchable via Google
  • Answer users’ questions and promote products or services to solve their issues

Why Use Quora For Marketing?

Quora is an ideal content marketing platform based on knowledge-oriented content. Just by answering user questions, you can achieve a lot of followers, which, in turn, become visitors to your website. If your answers are exceptional and appealing to readers, they will be shared with millions of Quora users via Quora digest and Quora feed.

As Quora helps businesses get the number of followers, they can increase their conversion rate optimization. Moreover, it enables you to achieve a secure and loyal reader and build trust and authority on Quora. Once you get the number of loyal readers, you can generate leads using Quora. The best-written answers are short-listed by Quora’s editors and are republished on other authoritative websites, like Forbes, Inc, etc. Therefore, you get a golden opportunity to promote your brand to other reputed websites.

How To Use Quora Marketing?

Before using Quora for marketing your product or service, you have to first create your profile on it.

  • Creating A Profile On Quora

It is quite simple to sign up for Quora. You can do it using Google+, email, or Facebook account. After signing in, you have to set-up your profile. Ensure that the profile content is precise, as its first 50 characters are displayed above the answer you post, called a tagline. Therefore, you must include your brand name, the website name, and the business’s social media accounts in your tagline.

Additionally, you can also add your experience, education, employment, location, skill sets, etc. Go to Profile Page and click Knows about. Here you can add all your professional details. Quora enables you to build authority on a specific niche, i.e., you can become “The Most Viewed Writer” in your preferred domain depending upon the total number of views the answer gets. While answering any user question, make sure to insert links to your social channels, website, or blog.

Steps To Answer Quora Questions To Drive Traffic To The Website

  1. Choose The Question Having More Views And Followers

Selecting questions with fewer views and followers is not an ideal and profitable action. Make sure you choose the question with a sufficient number of views and followers. In the search bar, type the phrase or keyword that matches your blogs and search for the question. Write answers for the most recent and the latest questions that have more than 1000 views.

  1. Select The Appropriate Question Matching Your Blog Posts

The question you select should match the blog post you would like to share. Add the blog post link to your answer to drive more traffic to your website. But make sure that your post must contain all necessary information that readers need or expect. They should be able to get the expected answer to the respective question.

Some readers even look for advice through answers. Therefore, your response should correctly guide readers in a non-promotional way and help them in getting their answer in an informative way. Moreover, you can include your own experiences while offering advice to the readers.

  1. Measure Traffic And ROI With Google Analytics

Adding links to blog posts to answers drive traffic to your website. Therefore, you can track the traffic and ROI of your website using Google Analytics.

  • Go to Google Analytics dashboard and select Acquisition
  • Under this option, select the Social option and then hit Network Referrals
  • You will observe the list of Social Networks – Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora, and Twitter
  • Select Quora to track the traffic and ROI of your website


Quora is a potential knowledge-sharing platform for marketing your brand and increasing conversion rate optimization. Techmagnate is the leading digital marketing agency that offers in-class services for promoting your brand on Quora.

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