Increasing Your Punching Speed With Gloves Of The Right Weight – Experts Tell You How

For a long time, coaches have recommended that boxers use heavier gloves when training to improve strength, which in turn boosts their punching speed. Others endorse shadow boxing with resistance bands and dumbbells in exercises thought to be beneficial in increasing punching force and speed. All experts agree that you need to progress from general to movements specific to the sport when undergoing strength and condition training. However, you need to avoid using too much load in your enthusiasm since it is likely to spoil your technique, especially when you do heavy repetitions that lead to your developing bad habits.

What Is The Ideal Resistance You Should Use?

Because there is no research specific to punching, you can use the findings of studies on pitching a baseball to indicate what happens in throwing a punch. According to various studies, you get maximum throwing speed when you stay within +/- 20% of the weight of the ball used in competitive baseball games. If you extend the research to punching, it means a fighter who uses 10 oz. gloves in matches should train using gloves weighing 8 oz. to 12 oz. gloves. Using the same formula, gloves in the range of 6 oz. to 10 oz. will give you the best results if you use 8 oz. Revgear gloves in competitions. If you go over the 20 percent range, you will change your punching technique because there is no way you can throw a heavy ball in the same way as a lighter ball. Similarly, you must not go below the 20 percent range.

Using Resistance Bands May Be Counterproductive

Another point experts make is that you should use pads or bags when you are training to improve your maximum punching speed. If you are using lighter gloves, you can hurt your sparring partner seriously from the heavier impact of your knuckles due to the less padding. Some experts also suggest that if you already have a finely-tuned punching technique, it may not be a good idea to use heavy dumbbells, or resistance bands to speed up your punches because you may do more harm than good. The view seems to have merit since resistance bands develop more resistance upon stretching and slows down your punch, which is the opposite of what happens when you throw a punch in real life. Instead of the expected acceleration, you will be training to slow down as you extend your arm. According to Sports Uncle, controlling breath and relaxing your fists can help boost punching speed.


When you use heavier gloves, your speed will be less, but you will develop greater force. In contrast, when you use a lighter glove, you can train your muscles to contract faster than what would have been possible with a standard-weight glove. The extra force and extra speed of contraction make for a deadly combination leading to fast punching speed when you have fine-tuned your technique. Although it may not seem significant +/- 20% loading boosts your punch performance without compromising your skill. To increase your punching speed, you need to work on developing power, strength, and speed.

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