In America Due to Corona More Than 57 Killed, A Total Of 264 Deaths

In America due to coronavirus after more than 57 people killed, the total deaths came to 264, while more than 5,000 new Corona patients in a single day came.

Corona cases in America increased by more than 19,000, America became the world’s sixth most affected country in the world.

After California, restrictions increased in the state of New York, Florida, and Illinois, the US-Mexico border has been closed for unnecessary travel.

In the United States, Tax relief has been announced, while tax recovery has been postponed until June 15.

Despite the rise of death in America, Trump says that America is winning the war against Corona, there is no need for a lockdown across America.

The US Mandi Dow Jones, S&P saw more than 4% decline, this week was the worst week of the US market since 2008, breaking all records of President Trump.

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