Importance of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Course

which includes lifelong injuries, property damage and it can even cause death. At a time like this when your family members, employees or your customer’s wellbeing is at risk, you should have fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and even some in-built automatic system.

At some places these fire equipment are required by the law. When the fire strikes knowing what to do for your safety and for the safety of the people around you is very important. One of the most important component in this  type of emergency is the fire extinguisher which is also the most effective one but knowing where it is located and some other important things like how to properly use it are also very important. Fire extinguishers also need to be maintained and checked regularly as it acts like the first aid for fire. If you choose to do a fire extinguisher maintenance course, not only will it save lives but also money as you won’t have to hire someone for maintenance.

Importance of Fire Extinguishers Maintenance

If fire extinguishers are maintained on a regular basis, they last up to almost 5-15 years and should be replaced after. Many people don’t pay enough attention to these until or unless they have to use them. The best method to put the fire out and fight for protection is a fire extinguisher. Maintenance of a fire extinguisher is not only important but it is a legal requirement so that it is in the best working condition to get the job done when needed. The commercial facilities must have them maintained so they work properly when they are needed. They undergo annual testing and are made sure that they are in the best working condition.

Following are some of the things you might need to keep in mind for the maintenance of the fire extinguisher:

  • The Tags:

The tags give you big information on when to go for maintenance as it has dates to when the fire extinguisher was inspected the last time so you know exactly when to take it for maintenance next time!

  • The Service Of A Professional:

A fire extinguisher cannot be fixed or maintained by anyone. They are a lot more complicated than you think. Fire extinguishers need regular inspections from professionals. Any tempering signs or damages are examined by these professionals. The correct pressure and a proper volume of the agent inside are also observed which may also result in it not working properly. The amount of free-flowing powder is also checked in yearly inspections.

  • Regular Inspections:

The annual inspection is very necessary but on top of that, a six and a twelve-year thorough inspection is also very important and essential. In this thorough examination, the professional will empty the fire extinguisher, refill it and then pressurize it. Every twelve years, the fire extinguisher is emptied and filled with pressurized water to know if there are any corrosion or any leaks in the extinguisher. After this, it is dried out and filled again and pressurized. This is called a hydro test and it concludes if the fire extinguisher is working properly and is fit to use.

Services For A Fire Extinguisher

Service of a fire extinguisher is very important and mandatory, a fire extinguisher should be maintained when delivered which is called commissioning service. The fire extinguisher should also be maintained and serviced every month by a professional person who can come on-site and review. The fire extinguisher should also be maintained once a year by a professional.

The initial maintenance examination is called a commissioning service where the professional may check for any signs of damage. This maintenance exam is very important as you should know if you bought it in good condition and if it is usable in case of any fire emergency. This maintenance exam takes place right after delivery so no transit damage is done.

Both monthly and annual checkups are mandatory and these inspections are done to make sure the fire extinguisher is working properly. These monthly and yearly inspections are done with a few professional members of staff. Not very high training is required and can be done after taking some courses. There should also be a logbook specified for each inspection record.

Look Out For:

For monthly maintenance of your fire extinguisher, look out for these things to keep it in the best shape. Make sure when you install the fire extinguisher you install it in the right place which is clearly visible and easy to reach in case of any emergency. In this case, you should always choose the place very carefully. Also, make sure the anti-tamper seals have not been broken and are present in a fire extinguisher. Before buying a fire extinguisher check the labeling and operating instructions. For monthly maintenance keep a label that has the date for the last maintenance. Before buying a fire extinguisher, make sure the needle of the fire extinguisher gauge is present in the green zone which means the fire extinguisher is working fine.

When To Go For Maintenance Or Replacing

You may be a little confused about when to go for maintenance or even after monthly maintenance, you may think if you should still go for another checkup for your fire extinguisher. If you find any of these symptoms, you should consult a professional and if you have done a course for a fire extinguisher you can do it yourself, just look out for these:

If the hose or nozzle is cracked, blocked or ripped you should repair or get it repaired by a professional as soon as possible. Also, look out if the fire extinguisher is damaged in any way. If the handle of the fire extinguisher is broken or wobbly in any way. Also, look if the anti-tamper seal is broken or any locking pin is missing.

Yearly Maintenance

Yearly maintenance is a very thorough examination that is very detailed. For an annual examination, the fire extinguisher is emptied and the inside is thoroughly inspected and checked for any issues, then it is refilled. After refilling a discharge test is also conducted so it is confirmed that the fire extinguisher is fine. The yearly maintenance date should be written on a tag and should be attached to the fire extinguisher. If you do the course yourself you can save a lot of money and maintain the fire extinguisher yearly and monthly on your own.


The course of fire extinguisher is very important as the maintenance of a fire extinguisher is mandatory. By going for a course a lot of money can be saved and can be very useful because if it is not maintained, there is a huge risks of fire-related emergencies. Lives of your loved ones or your co-worker can be saved when you carry out the periodical maintenance of your fire extinguisher. In this regard, a fire extinguisher maintenance course can always help you in many ways.

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