Impact of Bite-sized Learning on Student Learning Process

Have you ever noticed that students in the 21st century usually get bored with long lessons? Perhaps this explains why some of them choose to buy custom essay instead of sitting for hours to work on.

Well, you cannot blame the students because they are just human. A study conducted on college students revealed that students only concentrate on only the first 25 minutes of the lecture. The rest of the lecture, most of them are just enduring the lecturer.

You would be surprised to know that millennial students could even be concentrating on a certain lesson for less than twenty minutes. To bridge the gap, most schools have incorporated a new learning and very effective strategy referred to as bite-sized learning.

This is a new module of learning that was not there some decades ago. Of course, our generation needs such a strategy because of the many distractions from every side. Many schools have seen the need for this kind of learning and it is worth embracing. But before we look at its impact, let’s first understand what bite-sized learning is. Shall we?

What is Bite-sized Learning?

In the simplest form, bite-sized learning includes small information nuggets that usually last for at most 15 minutes that are related to a certain topic or subject. It is one of the best modules that is becoming increasingly beneficial to both students and professionals.

Bite-sized learning aims to help the student or a professional understand a certain concept very fast, assimilate it, and use it to accomplish a certain goal. This is one of the strategies being used by most e-learning students to pass their exams without hassles.

The beauty of bite-sized learning is its ability to be compatible with generally any device. That means as a learner or a student with a smartphone that has a small screen you can easily access the notes of a certain subject and be updated wherever you are.

But the question now stands, what is the impact of this modern module of learning on the students? Is it helpful? Well, just hung on and keep reading.

The Impact of Bite-size Learning on the Student

The education landscape is evolving at a very fast pace that only the intelligent and committed tutors and teachers can keep up with it. In order, to avoid wasting much time in school learning things that are hard for some students to understand, schools have adopted the bite-size learning. So, here are some of the positive impacts of this strategy:

1. It improves their psychological capability

In their learning process, the students are now being pushed to another dimension where they will say goodbye to boredom. When boredom has hit the students, it becomes so hard for them to regain their attention. Imagine a student spending like just 15 minutes reading some quality content that would take an hour or so to be explained?

With such high concentration, the students are motivated to continue learning for the 15 minutes carefully digesting what they are reading. Eventually, their psychological engagement is boosted.

2. It makes learning easier and manageable

A student can easily integrate what he or she is learning using the bite-sized notes and store them in their memories without having to spend hours reading. Once the information is stored in their memories, it becomes very hard for the information to be deleted from them. That’s why they keep using it even in their daily lives.

One crucial format that most of the schools are using in support of this learning process is classifying them according to the unit and subjects they cover. This makes the subject easier to be assimilated making it easier to be recalled.

3. Leads to better results

The goal of every school is to make its students have amazing results. If the student wants to have some outstanding grades and outcomes, then they have to adjust themselves to suit this learning. Parents and teachers will celebrate the outstanding results brought by this leaning process.

4. Helps in retaining the information

Modern students are quite busy active on various social media platforms where they are involved in various chats. Long lectures end up giving so much information that may not be helpful to the students despite sitting for hours in the class.

With so much commitment, most students will prefer skimming to reading long handouts. But the bite-sized learning has come to save their day by helping them retain the information.

5. It meets the current mobile learning demand

Almost every student on campus owns a smartphone which they use to read certain subjects. In our century, mobile learning is perhaps one of the most common strategies being used in schools and colleges. With bite-sized learning, a student can learn through their notes fast while in the school bus right with their phones.

Technology will continue to evolve encompassing every aspect of human life, our job is to use it for our advantage and avoid any misuse of it. Bite-sized learning has more impacts on the student’s learning curve than we can imagine.

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