Hublot Classic Fusion: Wide Varieties of Wristwatches

Hublot is a place where dreams come true, Brands have a hand in making a wide variety of wristwatches with variation to styles, colors, and internal mechanism, but each watch was introduced with the brand’s incomparable touch. The company has a tradition of making high-quality timepieces maintaining a unique style.

Brand’s 3 main principles

  • The Art of Fusion
  • Optimal Precision Based Pioneering Movements
  • Futuristic Technology

Each time a more innovative version of the timepiece series is seen. Today’s brand’s collection is filled with numerous watches. It took years of production and master craftsmanship in making the Hublot one of the most-popular watchmakers all over the globe. It was a challenge to mix rubber and pure gold in the same timepiece at that time, but watchmakers dared to do it and succeeded.

Classic Fusion

This timepiece series contains many famous and award-winning timepieces. If to define classic fusion range in simple words, it redefines the classic elegance of the brand’s incomparable touch with a robust structure.

There are a total of 5 series launched by the Hublot in the collection of Classic Fusion, each with several variations with respect to colors ,styles and internal machinery.

Five Collection of Classic Fusion timepiece series

The classic Fusion range is available in different variations and a total in five collections.

  • 3-Hands

Classic Fusion Titanium -Credit: HUBLOT

3-Hands collection, it is where the elegant look is re-invented innovatively with a touch of the brand’s tradition. Total of 114 models of this collection was launched. It reflects a classic look with 3 hands structure available in 45,42,38 and 33mm versions. The Titanium-based case represents the durability of the timepiece with a touch of decency over the dial. The Screws on the case reflects the traditional look of the brand’s timepieces.

A classic Fusion Titanium 45mm will cost you 7,300 CHF with a black dial and black strap.

  • Chronograph

As Hublot is also known for its mastery in making chronometers, the classic Fusion range is also available in chronographs. A total of 69 models with chronometers were launched in this range.  Available in both 45 and 42MM. Timepieces in this range are available in titanium and King Gold and also available in bi-material versions with satin-finished. The Chronograph King Gold is a top-class version of this series costing 25,300 CHF and featuring a power reserve of over 40 hours. It is available both in Black Rubber and Alligator pattern Strap.

A Classic version of this range will be bought within a budget of 11,000 CHF.

  • MoonPhase

MoonPhase complication is also seen in this range. It was a complicated task to maintain complications within small space, But the brand somehow managed to maintain an elegant look with enormous features embedded within the timepiece precisely and moon phase series is just an example of Brand’s work.

14 models were launched in this range with moon phase complication at six o’clock.


For the brand, the most essential part of the timepiece is its material. It is used in its timepiece series to get introduced to the world as a company that has always upper-hand in innovations.

AEROFUSION CHRONOGRAPH ORLINSKI RED CERAMIC is a popular timepiece of this range powered Hub1155 automatic skeleton chronometer movement. The case is made of polished Red Ceramic designed by Richard Orlinski.

ORLINSKI is a wristwatch series of classic fusion and a work of art. The man behind this range is Richard Orlinski, a designer at the company with creative skills responsible for creating extraordinary designs, he has the passion to introduce the world with innovative design to wonder all other art-workers.

  • Partnership Range

Partnership series is launched by Hublot to tribute its long-lasting relationship with other popular brands and to celebrate this partnership.

It features 3 limited editions in the named for Ferrari GT: One In titanium, one in King Gold, and one in 3d carbon wit 45mm diameter.2 timepieces Berluti “Cold brown “and “Cold Gold”.And to tribute, the work of Cruz Diez 6 timepieces was launched with his name. available in ceramic, titanium versions.


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