How Your Addiction is Affecting Your Close Relationships

When you suffer from an addiction, it can be easy to think that you’re the only person it’s affecting. Unfortunately, there are many ways addiction is affecting your close relationships and having a harmful impact on the people that you’re closest to in your life.

Addiction Causes a Lack of Trust

When you suffer from addiction, it can be easier for your friends and family members to notice how it affects and changes your character even if you don’t notice it. You may start to suffer from mood changes or fail to commit to your obligations and responsibilities. Over time, addiction can lead to a lack of trust, whether it’s with your spouse, best friends, or your children, which can lead to your loved ones distancing themselves from you.

It Can Lead to Betrayal

One of the most common implications of addiction is poor decision making due to the effects substance abuse can have on the brain. Many people can fail to manage their responsibilities or can become more desperate as they attempt to manage their addiction. Whether you start to steal or you begin to lie to your family members about your whereabouts, you may make other people feel betrayed in your relationships with them based on the decisions or mistakes you make each day. Betrayal can result in significant hurt and can even lead to broken relationships as the addiction progresses.

Addiction Can Cause Insecurity

For parents struggling with addiction, it can have an impact on their children even if the substance abuse isn’t in plain sight. Kids may notice when their parents are intoxicated or high, which can prevent them from having a sense of security in the home. Over time, they can develop insecurities and even have feelings of neglect, which increases their risk of addiction in the future. They may start to have a lack of trust in what you say if you fail to follow through with your promises.

Physical Harm

Violence and abuse are among the many byproducts of addiction and can manifest even if the individual doesn’t have a history of abuse. One of the many alcohol addiction signs is physical harm to your loved ones when you get angry or start to develop more aggressiveness. Your family members may witness your volatile behavior and become fearful of being in the same room with you due to sudden outbursts or escalated situations that occur. Many people can start to suffer in silence and have a fear of speaking out or seeking out help because they’re afraid of the physical violence it can lead to in the home.

Getting an idea of how your addiction may be affecting your close relationships is necessary to understand the magnitude of the situation. Once your relationships begin to suffer as a result of your substance abuse, it can be enough to get you to seek help and obtain sobriety to avoid losing the people you’re closest to in life.

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