How You Can Utilize the Turbo VPN: Easy Options

Turbo VPN Services are only applicable to mobile devices, one cannot use it on the windows or Mac OS. It’s made to access the internet and unblock the websites on Android and iOS. This VPN service is a Chinese product. This product is totally free of cost so, users don’t need to pay anything for access and usage of this application. Along with it, Turbo VPN Services are provided to customers with paid plans also. Where customers can customize servers and countries, and they also can increase the count of countries and servers.

Free or Basic Plan:

Free plans are absolutely free of cost, customers can enjoy the access of internet and websites without paying anything to the provider of VPN. The first basic plan comes with 6-8 countries selection options and serves up to 9. But here in this basic plan, customers will be offered some ads, they will be forced to see them and go through them. Which tends to wait for some time whenever you refresh or start again. So, most of the customers have complaints about these ads that they are tired of seeing them.

Paid plans and services:

As we already talked about Turbo VPN, it also comes with paid plans and services. Here in this category customers are offered some optimizations. Paid plans are free from ads and customers can enjoy their servers without any interference of advertising media. The speed is boosted up in this plan, and customers can choose up to 29 servers offered along with at least 15 countries. Here access to Netflix and other platforms is easily available. This is not the case in the first basic or free plans, where customers can’t open up Netflix.

Speed of Turbo VPN:

As all the people except its name, Turbo VPN should deliver the fastest services to the customers right? Yes, all the people want it to give them an awesome experience of using the internet. Though this expectation from you all are fulfilled in some of the countries and servers. But it is limited to only a few of them, and users should have the knowledge to pen particular countries and servers because it won’t give you the super speed of surfing, downloading or uploading to the internet in most of the cases.

Some facts and figures:

Speed without VPN, 18-19 Mbps downloading and 19-20 Mbps uploading MAX speed Fastest server U.K. 8-9 Mbps downloading and 10-11 Mbps uploading MAX speed.

U.S. New York, hardly 0.5-1 Mbps downloading and 9-10 Mbps uploading max speed. Like these all the servers and countries will fluctuate the downloading speed as well as uploading speed according to Turbo VPN. So, it’s clear that it’s not as effective as it should be.

Let’s go through some merits and demerits.


It comes with the first basic and free plans, so new users can experience the speed and services before paying anything. The bandwidth provided by Turbo VPN is unlimited and you won’t be disconnected again and again. In basic plans you’ll be offered at least 9 locations. In paid services, you can also use Netflix.


Monthly plans offered to you are very expensive and users have complaints about it because plans are not sufficiently giving the speed. The average speed of the Turbo VPN is almost half of the internet usage without a VPN. One can only use it to mobile devices, especially in android and iOS devices. This is not usable on Windows or Mac OS. Congratulations on options is not that helpful for optimizations. Free version users have to suffer from seeing a number of ads.

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