How to Write an Essay With ChatGPT Correctly

In this digital age, we find ourselves at the point of an exciting development – the rise of artificial intelligence designed to assist and empower us in various endeavors. One such endeavor is crafting compelling essays. With this task, ChatGPT can become your trusted companion, an intellectual ally that offers guidance, inspiration, and a fresh perspective. So, let’s explore the fascinating dominion of leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities to write an essay that leaves a lasting impression.

Chat GPT: Understanding What It Is

ChatGPT is an extraordinary AI language model developed by OpenAI. It represents the culmination of cutting-edge research and innovation in natural language processing. Built upon the foundation of GPT-3.5, ChatGPT possesses a vast repository of knowledge and linguistic expertise honed through exposure to diverse sources of information available on the internet. It has been trained on a plethora of data, encompassing everything from books and articles to websites and forums, enabling it to comprehend and generate text with remarkable fluency and coherence.

Limitations of Writing Essays With Chat GPT

While ChatGPT is undeniably a fantastic artificial intelligence tool that significantly helps with the essay writing process, it is important to recognize its limitations. Understanding these limitations will help you make informed decisions and utilize ChatGPT effectively to write an essay. Here’re a few key drawbacks of using Chat GPT to write compositions.

Lack of Real-Time Knowledge

ChatGPT’s training is based on a data snapshot until September 2021. Therefore, it may not have access to the most up-to-date information or current events. Thus, it won’t write essays on the most recent issues.

Potential for Inaccurate or Biased Information

ChatGPT generate responses based on patterns and information it has learned from its training data. However, it also means it may inadvertently produce inaccurate or biased content.

Lack of Human Creativity and Intuition

While ChatGPT can offer suggestions and generate text, it may struggle with originality and creative thinking, thus lacking a touch of human writing. Crafting a high quality essay requires unique insights, personal experiences, and a level of intuition that may be beyond the capabilities of an AI.

Difficulty Maintaining a Coherent Structure

ChatGPT’s responses sometimes lack a clear structure, leading to fragmented or disjointed text. It may not consistently follow a logical flow or effectively organize information. As a writer, it is crucial to write essays with proper structures and coherence.

Limited Context Comprehension

While ChatGPT responds contextually to prompts, it may still struggle with complex or ambiguous queries. It might misinterpret or overlook certain nuances, leading to inaccurate or irrelevant responses. Thus, using Chat GPT to write about complex topics is challenging.

Correct Procedure of Writing a Paper With Chat GPT

Want to use Chat GPT to craft a perfect essay like those obtained from the best essay writing sites? Here’s the process of using Chat GPT to write compositions.

Access ChatGPT

Start by accessing the ChatGPT interface or platform where you can interact with the AI model. It could be through a website, an application, or any designated platform the service provides.

Provide a Prompt

Begin by formulating a straightforward prompt or question related to your assignment topic. It will guide ChatGPT’s responses and help steer the conversation toward producing relevant content.

Fine-Tune the Model

Some platforms offer the option to fine-tune the ChatGPT model using your own custom dataset. If this feature is available, you can provide specific examples or instructions that align with the paper’s context. It will allow the model to understand your requirements better and produce a more accurate ChatGPT essay.

Generate Text

Engage with ChatGPT by submitting your prompt. The chatbot will then generate a response based on its training and understanding of the language.

Edit and Revise the Generated Text

Take it and treat it as a starting point for your paper. Then, adjust the text generated to align with your writing style, structure, and aggressive approach.

Insert Your Own Thoughts

One downside of using Chat GPT to write assignments is that it only produces text on what it has been trained. Thus, your active involvement and critical thinking are crucial throughout the assignment writing process. Inject your own thoughts, creativity, and knowledge into the generated text. It’ll also help to a natural language to the essay generated.

5 Quick Tips for Crafting a Perfect Essay

Planning to write an essay that demonstrates you are a competent essay writer? We’ve got expert tips for you.

Revise Your Thesis Statement

After completing your rough draft, revisit your thesis statement and ensure it accurately reflects the arguments and direction of your college essay. Fine-tune it as necessary to ensure clarity and alignment with the content of your paper.

Craft Captivating Topic Sentences

Each paragraph should begin with a strong topic sentence that encapsulates that particular section’s main point or argument. These topic sentences serve as a roadmap for your reader, guiding them through your paper and maintaining coherence.

Showcase Your Critical Thinking Skills

Essays provide an opportunity to showcase your critical thinking abilities. Analyze the information, evidence, and arguments you present. Demonstrate your ability to evaluate, compare, and synthesize different perspectives or sources.

Proofread Meticulously

Take the time to thoroughly proofread your composition for any grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. Also, check for consistency in formatting and citation style. Again, it’s helpful to read your paper aloud or have someone else review it to catch any overlooked mistakes or areas needing further improvement.

Consider the Reader’s Perspective

Put yourself in your reader’s shoes and evaluate your composition from their perspective. Is the information presented clearly and understandably? Have you provided enough context or background information to help them comprehend your arguments?

5 Pro Tips for Personalizing Essays

A tailored paper stands out and is memorable. So, since you’ll not be the only student submitting the assignment, making it unique is essential. Here’re tips for achieving that.

Draw Upon Your Unique Experiences

Your life is a rich source of inspiration for personalizing your composition. Reflect on your real experiences that relate to the essay topic and consider how they have shaped your perspective.

Incorporate Sensory Details

Use expressive language that appeals to the senses to make the composition more personal and fetching. Paint a vivid picture for your reader by including specific details such as:

  • Sights
  • Sounds
  • Smells
  • Tastes
  • Textures

Share Personal Anecdotes or Stories

Intertwining personal anecdotes or stories throughout the composition is an excellent way to tailor it. In addition, these narratives provide concrete examples that add authenticity to your assertions.

Use personal Reflection as a Tool for Self-Discovery

Crafting a composition is an opportunity for self-reflection and self-discovery. Embrace this process and allow your ideas to evolve as you write an essay.

Embrace Vulnerability and Genuineness

Tailoring your composition requires being vulnerable and sharing your authentic self. Don’t shy away from expressing your fears, uncertainties, or lessons learned from failures.

Other Ways ChatGPT Can Be Helpful in Essay Writing

Chat GPT can do more than give the generated text of a prompt. When used appropriately, it can simplify the whole essay writing process and get a perfect essay. For example, do the following to write an essay.

Use the Model to Produce Essay Ideas

The chatbot could be an invaluable resource when seeking fresh and unique essay ideas. For example, sharing your general topic or research area with the chatbot and letting its vast knowledge and creative capabilities inspire you with new perspectives, angles, or lesser-known aspects of the topic.

Use the AI tool to Make an Outline

Developing a proper outline sets the foundation for a coherent paper. But, again, the chatbot can serve as your collaborative partner during this process.

Find Sources Using ChatGPT

Obtaining credible sources for a composition can be laborious. ChatGPT simplifies this process by helping you find relevant and reliable scholarly sources. Share specific keywords or topics related to your assignment, and the chatbot will provide a curated list of academic papers or articles to validate your assertions.

Compose a Sample Essay With the Chatbot

When exploring a new topic or handling a complex concept, the AI tool can help by producing a sample paper. Provide the AI with specific instructions, prompts, or focus areas, and it will create a sample composition.

Use the Tool to Co-Edit the Essay

Revising is crucial for enhancing the paper’s quality and clarity. Share specific sections or paragraphs that require improvement with the chatbot, and it’ll help you refine the paper.


While ChatGPT is a valuable tool, it’s imperative to maintain an active role when writing your composition. Infuse your creativity and personal insights into the article using ChatGPT as a supportive resource. Be discerning in accepting suggestions and thoroughly analyze the info provided. Observing all these will enable you to utilize Chat GPT to write magnificent papers.

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