How to Wrap an Exhaust

Wrapping an exhaust pipe is simple. But before proceeding with it, here are some of the facts which you should consider:

  1. Pipe wrap doesn’t increase your horsepower. It may keep your bike tuned in some ways, but if you are looking for power, then this is not the way. The basic purpose of using best motorcycle exhaust wraps for bikes to lower the underhood temperature so that the engine can get access to air which was comparatively lesser hot.
  2. It is hard on pipes. It can cause extra heat and trap moisture and detritus in the exhaust which lessens your bike’s exhaust life.
  3. It may look crappy for some time, but if you periodically plan on re-wrapping it, your exhaust system will always look fresh.
  4. You need to remove your exhaust to wrap it.

In order to get professional level results with your exhaust wrap, you should use the right products. The list comprises of pipe wrap, a bucket, wire brush, wire or anchor and exhaust gasket.

Take your bike exhaust system out

Once you have got the components to take the exhaust wrap off, you are ready to commence the procedure. Yes, the first step is to remove the exhaust. On motorcycles, the pipes bolt in place with some hardware. After the removal of pipes, check for any damage.

If because of heat some damage has occurred it may lead to big problems. Hence you should immediately repair or replace the bike and then continue with the wrap. If the pipe is fine, clean it first.

Put the pipe wrap in the bucket

In order to wrap your motorcycle’s pipes tightly, you shouldn’t leave the wrap dry. Soak the exhaust pipe in water in a bucket. It makes the wrapping procedure easier and helps the fiberglass to stick to the wrap.

Wrap the pipe on your motorcycle

Once you have soaked the wrap, you can start with wrapping. Tie one end of the wrap to your motorcycle’s pipe. You can also use an anchor for this purpose. Then wrap it down tightly. Make sure you don’t leave any gaps to allow heat to go. Also consider the aerodynamics when wrapping the exhaust because you don’t want air to allow separation when you are riding your vehicle. So, make sure you wrap pipes from front to back.

If you come across a bolt, then wrap in the X mode, so that all the hardware is covered well and secured.

Clamp it properly

Once you reach the end of the pipe, you are done with the project. Just use the clamp to hold the wrap appropriately. Tuck the ends to get a clean look.

Lastly, reinstall the exhaust system

Once you have wrapped the pipe, reinstall the exhaust system.

It is very important to know which wrap is right for you. Seek advice from OEM motorcycle parts sellers to get top quality products and get professional results. If you are looking for best motocross mods, then you should shop at

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