How to use Twitter to grow your business

Twitter has shown massive growth from being a small-scale blogging site to becoming a globally recognized and used social media and marketing platform. It has almost become an indispensable component of modern marketing strategies via short videos, press releases links, and announcements. With its current reach of 190 million monthly visitors, and nearly 58 million tweets each day, it is just the tool you need to reach out to your target market and make the most out of your business. It is the ideal place for a new company to get the boost they need and an established firm to flourish.

How to use Twitter to grow my business

  • Design your profile

 On Twitter, your profile is your recognition and it is always best to keep it close and personal. Unless you belong to a firm with a recognized name, it is advised to keep your personal photograph as your display picture. Making your bio as precise yet informative is the best way to go about it. You should include keywords associated with your brand in your bio to improve your visibility among the audience.

  • Act wise 

Your aim should be to keep your Twitter stream highly relevant and interesting. To do that, remember that you must not follow everyone who follows you. Limit your circle to specific influential people retweet only those tweets that you are certain your followers will like.

  • Keep your followers updated

Do not let people wander away from your page because you did not tweet as often as you should have. Keeping your stream updated with tweets constantly is necessary, otherwise, people may lose interest and drift away. Your tweets can include links to your blogs and recent articles. Keep your followers up-to-date with your latest promotions, events you are attending, and the latest updates of your company. Interacting on a more personal level might also help.

  • Use Twitter chats to engage your audience

Twitter chats are the ideal platform for generating engagement. Twitter chats refer to chats surrounding one particular hashtag, and that can be accessed and joined by anyone who looks up that hashtag. You can use Twitter chats to interact with your audience as well as other relevant networks.

  • Use promoted hashtags and sponsored tweets

You can approach Twitter users who have influence among your targeted demographics, sponsor them, and use their accounts to promote your brand. Users can access sponsored hashtags from the “trends” section, the popular discussion topics. Although a very effective means of promotion, paid advertisements are too costly to be used by smaller companies. For those who can afford to, this might just be the ideal approach.

  • Be helpful and stay relevant 

Being helped in a time of need is something on which many bonds foster. You can develop a strong association with your followers and make them your devoted fans by helping them out. Reply to questions sked on your timeline actively and give comments and feedback honestly. The more you interact with your followers, the more they will appreciate your brand. Use this platform to establish a strong bond with and reputation among your potential clients. A reputation established in this way is bound to bear fruit.

  • Promote your profile and increase the number of followers

The number of followers on any social media site is usually an indication of credibility and if your brand has that degree of recognition, it is bound to succeed. Your aim should be to maximize the number of general followers and country targeted followers you have so that others can be convinced that your brand is credible and well-known. Promotion on alternate social media sites is one way you can increase your followers. For businesses taking a fresh start, and also those already established, another useful strategy is to buy real Twitter followers . Country targeted twitter followers can be bought from most service providers. Doing so is very profitable for a brand newly-established. Get real twitter followers to convince the potential audience of your reach, scope, and influence. Buying USA followers for example can encourage US residents to look up and follow your account. To get more country targeted Twitter Followers, you would need to search for reliable service providers offering high-quality, organic, and geo-tagged twitter followers, reach, and good customer care.

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