How To Use QR Codes In Spas And Salons

QR codes can be a great marketing tool for your spa and salon’s social media profile, your online store, and even your promotions.

People only need to scan the QR code with their smartphones to get instant access to your online sites.

With QR codes, customers can now easily shop online and get themselves notified of future promotions by following your social media pages.

If you’re ready to get started, you can use the best QR code generator with logo software to create a customized and on-brand QR code for your business.

Use cases of QR codes in salons and spas

You can use your QR code in any part of your salon, such as:


Sign boards are used to show important information about your business. When you place a QR code on your signboards, customers can easily scan them, and you can try this for redirecting to online pages that contain your salon’s products, events, or even seasonal offers and promotional activities.

QR codes on your sign boards can be an effective way to digitalize your ads and reach more customers.

Tent cards

Just like placing a QR code on your store’s signboards, you can also place one on your tent cards.

Tent cards are usually used in salons and spas showing the list of services and products offered.

This also lets customers know that certain areas are properly cleaned and disinfected after every appointment.

Adding a QR code on your tent cards will easily promote your special offers. Encourage customers to scan the code to get a discount, or avail of your loyalty programs.

Mirror clings

Salon’s mirror clings or stickers are also one good place to post a QR code. After a service, they can easily leave a review by scanning the QR code on the mirror.

Of course, the easier customers can leave reviews, the bigger your chances of building your salon’s credibility.

There’s nothing like getting more customers when they see a lot of good reviews for your salon.

In addition, you can embed your stylist’s social media profiles in the QR code, so customers can easily contact them for appointments.

Business cards

Business cards represent your brand. They don’t just carry your important and personal information, but they also create that first impression for your salon.

Have you seen a badly created business card? Would you still want to discover what the business is about after seeing that they give little to no regard with the aesthetics of their card?

Placing QR codes on your salon’s well-thought out business cards lets your customers know that you’re going the extra mile in making sure they know more about your services.

Adding a QR code leads customers to your salon’s website. It’s also easily shareable, so this should result in more online traffic and boost your sales.

QR codes on your business cards make it easier for customers to save your salon’s contact information in just one scan.

You can customize the QR code you add in your business card using a QR code software and make it more visually appealing for customers.

Brochures and flyers

Yes, businesses still use brochures and flyers to advertise products or services, and effectively so.

Salon owners can make full use of these paper ads by adding QR codes on them. In one scan, people can easily buy products from your salon.

Got a promo next month? That’s easy. The existing QR codes on your brochures can be edited when you opt for a dynamic QR code.

Every month, you can embed a different promo link so they’re redirected to the updated offers on your website.

No need to print another batch of QR codes and brochures. The promo and link can all be updated on the same QR code you’ve already posted. You can also use custom Wholesale Stickers(shop here).

Advantages of QR codes in a salon and spa

Touch-free salon experience

You can use QR codes on your salon to promote a touch-free experience when choosing a service. Adding a QR code on your salon’s counter can ease the worries of people who might be anxious about touching public surfaces.

With QR codes, you can minimize contact to protect your employees and your customers. They can scan the QR code, check your services, and easily pay their bills from their phones.

No more handling credit cards or cash from customers if they chose to order and pay using the QR code you posted. Learn more about How To Use QR Codes In Spas And Salons at

Increase salon appointments

By using QR codes, you can easily boost your salon’s appointments as they offer a more convenient way of booking your services.

Customers no longer need to remember your appointment page and search for it manually. When they scan the QR code, it will automatically redirect them to your salon’s booking page.

Moreover, this can be the easiest way to book an appointment and it can eliminate the need for your customers to travel to your salon for an appointment booking.

Using QR code for registration for your salon appointments is indeed a win-win situation. It can reduce distracting calls and provide a seamless booking experience.

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