How To Use An Online Vet

As pet parents, we’re way too familiar with typing things like “Is it safe for my dog to eat shoelaces?” or “24 hour vet near me” into Google’s search bar. Pets are unpredictable. They’re outrageously curious. And they apparently really love a midnight snack of shoelaces. Maybe it pairs well with kibble.

But if this recent pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we’ve been getting out of our pj’s far too many times for situations that don’t warrant it. Like filling out audit reports for work or taking our cat to the vet when he sneezed one time too many.

As humans have shifted to using Teledoc services to avoid unnecessary trips to the ER, so have our pets. With so many online vets available these days, you’ll have no problem getting an answer to “Why is my cat vomiting?” or “What should I do if my dog ate chocolate?”.

Let’s take a look at all the steps involved in using an online vet and what to expect, so there are no surprises. Because waking up to the smell of your puppy’s diarrhea was enough of a surprise.

Check the Services

The last thing you want to do is pay for an online vet that doesn’t provide the assistance you need. The first thing you need to do is check the ‘services’ tab on the website. Some online vets don’t cover emergencies while others do. Some online vets will even keep in contact with you for three days after your office visit.

Along with the services comes the cost. Most online vet visits will cost the same amount as taking your pet into your usual vet. With the rise of Teledoc services for pets, however, you’ll find websites offering low prices to beat out their competition.

Sign Up and Find Your Veterinarian

The awesome part about online vets is that you might be able to find your usual veterinarian when you sign up. If your vet has opted into the Teledoc network of the online vet you’ve chosen, then they’ll be on your list to choose from. If they’re offline or haven’t signed up, then you’ll be connected with any vet available. They can be in any city, state, or country.

After you’ve selected your vet, you’ll enter the following:

  • Reason for visit
  • A brief summary of your pet’s medical history
  • You credit card information

Start Your Consultation

During your pet’s office visit, you’ll chat with a veterinarian about all the information you provided. You’ll have the option to video chat too! If you choose a simple ‘enter text here’ chat, they may ask you to send in a photo depending on the reason for the visit. Keep your pj’s on. You aren’t required to be in the picture.

The vet will assess your pet and give you further instructions. If your pet has a minor issue like a bug bite that shows no signs of an allergic reaction, the vet will tell you what to do next at home to treat it. If your pet has a more severe ailment, the vet will evaluate them to determine if an E. R visit is absolutely necessary.


Caring for your pet has become more accessible and more convenient with the rise of online vets. Sometimes with minor issues, we spend hours searching Google for the answers just to find zero matching search results. Why not choose an online vet and get reliable solutions quickly?

The next time your kitty gets into your makeup drawer, don’t leave the fate of their tummy in the hands of people on the internet. Instead, type in your Google search bar “Online Vets” and get the proper care for your pet.







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