How To Use An Electric Smoker?


Nowadays everyone’s first love is food and they want to make it quickly. Grilling and smoking your food is most popular because it gives a different and delicious taste. Grilling is an old form that we will be accustomed to by our grandparents. They will use wood and charcoal to grill our food but these days we use electric smokers which is quite helpful to make a brisket and other grilled food in it.

Electric smokers are one of the fastest technologies in which we cook 50% of our food easily and also give smoke in it easily. People used to approach some other ways to grill briskets but in advanced technology, electric smokers make your life easy and comfortable. If you want to cook your meat delicious and healthy you have to choose the best electric smokers. With the help of these smokers, you cook your food perfectly.

An electric smoker is a great way to make your meat at home traditionally. We have electric smokers which cook the briskets slowly and constantly checking on them. Within a few hours, the meat will be smoked perfectly.

Many chefs recommend electric smokers because it does not overcook your food. It is also recommended because it directly cooks on the racks of the smoker. It also gives a natural and a good color to your food.

It cooks at a low temperature and takes less time. Many of us do not know how to use electric smokers. Here we will give you the instructions or other following steps on how to use electric smokers.

1: Set Your Smoker:

In this first step you have to set your smoker, the dust will be running on the interior surface or on the grill racks and all the varieties in the electric smoker so you have to rub it and clean it with a sponge. Then turn on the electric smoker and preheat it on 250 to 270 degrees. Before using any components preheating your electric smoker, and then turn it off and open the door of the smoker. Now allow the electric smoker to completely cool down. It has different seasoning procedures. You should smoke it once and grease it with oil on the surface.

2: Turn On The Smoker:

You must know that the smoker should be plugged in. To activate your smoker click on the power button which is on the front side of the smoker. Suddenly standby mode is updating and preheating the smoker actually begins when you have set the time and temperature of the smoker. Make sure the electric smoker is plugged in the power cord which is obstructing and operating. If you forget to plug it in again you waste your hours cooking good meat.

3: Build A Wood Chips In Tray:

In an electric smoker on the lower right side chip tray is located on the machine. Pull out the tray and fill it with wood chips and slide it back again for heating the elements. Every three to five hours of smoking six hundred grams of chips is used which is good for smoking your food. Harwood chips are better for you smokers like apples, hickory and mesquite. On the other hand, softwoods are not good for electric smokers because they burn fast and give a bad flavour to your food.

4: Place A Water On the Chamber:

When you finish the preheating of your smoker put the small metal cup filled with hot water at the bottom of the smoker. If you don’t have a water cup separately you will also use the floor chamber of the water. This method is used to steam your meat and moist your meat when water evaporates in it. Be careful while putting the hot water cup inside your smoker because the smoker is very hot. Instead of water, you would also like to put apple juice, beer, wine or any other liquid flavour to smoke your meat.


Be careful while using electric smokers when you are putting the hot water in, it is harmful for you. But you should learn the various methods of using the electric smoker which is useful for you. Electric smokers are the best technology for you to make your food quickly and easily. It is also designed for wood chips. Smokers have warnings to use it outside of the house because it has highly poisonous carbon monoxide in it. Make sure to keep yourself safe from this kind of activity inside the house.

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