How to Trim Your Mustache? 10 Easy Steps

Throughout history, there have been several mustache styles, ranging from the pencil to the handlebar mustache. Regardless of the style of mustache that you prefer to have, keeping them properly trimmed is an important aspect of your overall look. If you want to develop the art of mustache trimming, then you have got to take to heart several important mustache trimming tips.

How to Trim Your Mustache? First of all, you need some proper tools. You can trim your mustache using beard trimmers or a simple pair of scissors. Get yourself a mirror as well so you can see what you’re doing. Before you begin, it’s best to wash your face and your mustache with some shampoo so that the hairs are soft and relaxed. Make sure your hair is dry before you start trimming.

Here Are Tips About How to Trim Your Mustache?.

1. Allow your stubble to grow for about two weeks or until you have a thick mustache. If you don’t want to grow hair on your cheeks, then you can regularly shave it off. However, you have to be extremely carefully so you don’t shave off the mustache.

2. Trim the corners carefully using a pair of scissors once you have a thick mustache with the blades slight leaning at an angle.

3. Brush your mustache using a fine-tooth comb to make it straight. The basic rule is to use combs with teeth with less spacing in between. Make sure that curled up hair is straightened for precise trimming.

4. Use the upper lip line as your guide when trimming or cutting your mustache. As a general rule, your mustache must not reach the line of your upper lip and the trimming must follow the shape of the upper lip.

5. Reduce the hair volume if you find your mustache to be too bushy, then you must first reduce the hair volume by trimming the top section in order to make it appear subdued.

6. Do not allow your mustache to grow beyond the corner of your lips. In the event that it does, you must trim the excess hair up until the corner of your lips.

7. Proper maintenance of your mustache requires that you trim it at least once a month. This will ensure that the dry hair is cut. This will promote the growth of healthier hair.

8. Avoid scratching your mustache if it gets itchy as this can damage the skin. You can apply hydrocortisone cream to the affected area to minimize the itchiness.

9. Use anti-dandruff shampoo to eliminate the scaly rashes that emerge around and underneath your mustache. Avoid using chemical-based formulations as these can result in skin sensitivity and reaction.

10. Observe proper hygiene for your mustache. This means that you have to wash your face on a regular basis, especially before going to bed. You must ensure that you remove dirt and debris that might have accumulated on your mustache during the day.

Once you’ve got the shape of your mustache set, you can maintain it by trimming it every few days. You don’t need to trim it everyday since you don’t lose line definition within 24 hours. Maintaining a mustache is extremely easy and much easier than a beard since there’s only a small patch of hair to deal with.

If you’re keeping a mustache for the first time, you might fit it very annoying in the beginning because you suddenly have a new patch of hair that kinda tickles your nostrils and makes it itchy. It’s just the mind playing games with you since it’s unfamiliar with something new. Just relax, clean your mustache often and let it grow out before trimming and defining it into the shape you want. Good luck!

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