How to take care of infected ear-piercing?

When you have pierced ears, you have two options, either you can wear the clip-on ones or wear earrings. Earrings always are less painful to wear than the clip-on. However, for people having sensitive ear piercings, they must make sure that their piercings are safe from any infections.

Proper hygiene and cleanliness are essential to keep the piercings safe. Moreover, you can use a salt saline solution dip too to clean your piercing daily. It keeps the piercing protected from infections.

Usually, localized infections are the reasons behind short term sensitivity to the piercing, and this gets treated easily by taking extra care of the piercing. You can also try wearing hypoallergic toddler earrings on your ears. They keep the piercing protected from virus attacks.

Preventing ear-piercing from infection 

  1. Chronic sensitivity 

Chronic sensitivity to an ear-piercing happens when it gets contacted with any dermatitis. This sensitivity can prolong an average period. It can further cause skin irritation, swelling, redness, and itching on the piercing.

Typically nickel is the most allergic material for such piercing infection. You can try wearing earrings that have made of hypoallergic materials.

  1. Nail paint trick

It is a simple trick that you can try to keep your ear piercing safe while wearing a pair of cheap earrings.

  • Before wearing a cheap earring, you can apply a nail paint coat to its tip.
  • Apply three to four coats of the nail polish.
  • Dry the nail paint entirely and then wear it.
  • This nail paint will act as a barrier between your ear piercing and cheap earring material.

Things to know before getting your ears pierced

  • Before making any decision about getting your ears pierced, make sure that you don’t have a much sensitive skin
  • Don’t pierce the ear by yourself as it can infect the piercing. Go to an expert professional. It is better to select one who is licensed. Don’t get the ear pierced by a gun; instead, choose a professional piercing parlor or a tattoo shop for this purpose.
  • Make sure of the cleanliness of your piercing wound. It’s better to use a salt saline solution spray daily to keep the piercing uninfected. If you’re piercing has excessive swelling, pain, or bleeding, consult a doctor immediately.
  • Use sleeper earrings in the early months of your piercing, and they keep the piercing uninfected.
  • Tell the piercer straight if you are allergic to any metal. It is essential so that the piercer may not use that metal for piercing.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that don’t get your ears pierced by a gun. Guns for ear piercing are mostly not sanitized. It is why guns can cause infection in your ear piercing. It is much better to get your ears pierced by a professional tattoo shop as they use sanitized tools.

Take proper care of your piercing until it gets completely healed. Don’t remove the earrings once your piercing is completely healed.   If you’re piercing gets worse, consult your doctor immediately.

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