How to Survive Business in 2021: 5 Software to Use to Succeed in Business Startup


The year 2021 brings an enormous challenge to almost everyone. A challenge brought about by the pandemic started last year: the pandemic that crippled almost all activity. Every business in all sectors and across all industries experienced a once-in-a-lifetime jab and a knockdown blow.

Blows that even the most robust industry succumbs without exception. Businesses are crashing by the dozens. Industries like tourism, transportation, construction, etc., are most affected. Others, though, are thriving but rarely gaining profits. What about starting a business? Does anyone still dare to do so?

The Start-up Tools

Amidst business uncertainties, many still dare to pursue their business ventures. The long-time plan was postponed due to the pandemic just slowly unfolding. Regardless of the setbacks, enormous challenges, and intimidating uncertainties, business people and aspiring ones opted to launch their start-up business.

Equipped with courage and determination, start-up owners gain confidence in using various tools to help them survive the start-up stage. They make use of every mechanism that they deem necessary and of time relevance. They make use of business tools that are available in the digital space. Digital software is among the most helpful things in the start-up of small businesses during this time.

There is much software for small business and ventures that enables businesses and business owners to move and reach clients without personally meeting them face-to-face. And this becomes the new norm of the time, the new normal starting 2021. Using the relevant software also helps businesses successfully survive the start-up stage. And this also gives them the confidence to pursue what they’ve planned.

The Relevant Softwares for your Business

Depending on your business, you must identify the relevant software you need for your start-up operation and beyond. Use only the tools that your business needs. Here are a few lists that will help you identify some of them:

Accounting Software

One of the most crucial tasks in a business operation is money management; if money is not handled well, it is almost always sure that business will fail. Mismanaged cash flow caused 82 % of businesses to fail. Thus, a good accounting software enables the finance department to optimize accounting operations.

The software aims at maximizing profits and sustainability, which helps run the business. Using the software will help manage revenues, expenses, and assets, allowing it to forecast results and business direction.

Online Business Plan Services

Online business plan services contain a collection of business plan templates to help create a professional business plan. A well-crafted business plan will do a successful business. A business plan is crucial in a start-up operation yet difficult to create. It helps steer a start-up and growing business and gives your business the best chance to succeed.

Shopping Cart Software

A shopping cart software or best-called storefront software is an online ordering system that helps your customers pick products from your website. Customers will only click the order button and ultimately host the buyers to an order fulfillment platform to complete the transaction. This software works well for small businesses selling a few products.

The software is also a store-building system that handles e-stores that provide convenience and efficient inventory monitoring, order handling, and fulfillment.

Google Review Collection

The google review collection is a must-have in your operation if you are into sales and trading business. The tool would help you reach your clients and customers through your online presence. With this tool, you can establish your business reputation by inviting customers to leave their reviews about your products and services. Reviews will greatly influence buyers and potential buyers, converting engagement to sales.

Construction Management Software

A construction management software has many different platforms. The software encompasses all solutions that focus on tools such as project bids, project completion, and electronic procurement. E-procurement is increasing in modern businesses because of operational efficiency.

Sixty-eight percent of buyers are now buying online. Thus a broad reach of merchants and suppliers are already available online as well. It will significantly reduce the time for canvass and supplier qualification. With this trend in procurement, buyers can quickly obtain suppliers’ information because of their online presence.

Another task that a CMS can do is organizing blueprints, drawings, and other construction documents. Also available in the CMS is project tracking and reporting software. Everything on the CMS helps a start-up construction business thrive the challenges and sustain the nitty-gritty of starting up.


The year 2021 is a very challenging year for businesses, especially the start-up ones. But thanks to all available business software because they provide a better chance of survival for small and starting businesses. Depending on your business needs, you can have so many tools that will help you operate your business under the new norms of business operation, that is, going into limited personal transactions or face-to-face operation.

Thus, even amidst the complexities brought by the pandemic, using the relevant tools and software, your business still has a significant chance of survival and success.

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