How to Style Curtain Bangs: Some Tips to Look Attractive

Different notable tools are used to style Curtain bangs that keep your hair damage-free and give a gorgeous look. In this portal, you will explore how to style curtain bangs. For your assistance, this post will provide some steps to style curtain bangs. 

This article will enhance your knowledge by providing information on style with a straightener or rollers and how to cut curtain bangs.

How to Style Curtain Bangs?

Everson says it is super to style curtain bangs with a medium barrel round brush and a blow dryer, which suggests blow drying the bangs away from the face, backward. You can begin with dry hair or damp but beginning with wet hair will set a good look.

When they are dry take some dry texturing spray or pomade and tighten the bangs into the right place. With a quick hairspray to set, finish it. 

What Are Curtain Bangs?

At the Paul Labrecque Salon and Skincare Spa, Paul Larecque serves as the creative director, colorist, and master stylist. Curtain bangs, according to him, are facial hairstyles that frame the face and seem to open in the center, much like a theater curtain does when it becomes wet in water. 

According to Dani Everson, a hairstylist and owner of Clementine’s Salon or founder of SkinForYou. She says they usually hang in a way that the center is the short point and narrows to each side, with the edges being the longest point.

Curtain bangs became popular in the ’60s and ’70s due to iconic actresses such as Goldie Hawn and Farrah Fawcett. Getting their charming names because they act like face-covering curtains.  In an inverted V shape, they frame the face on both sides like a window curtain. A hairstylist gradually cuts angled down with scissors and leaves the hair closer to the cheekbone longer.

NameCurtain Bangs
Type Fashion
Regarding Hairstyle
Purpose To give personality an attractive look
Compatible With all types of hair

How to Style Curtain Bangs Step by Step?

To style Curtain Bangs, follow the step-by-step description. 

Wash your Hair

To style Curtain bangs, first, wash your hair and make sure your hair is clean and dry. You have the option of airing out your hair or let it dry to 90%.  

Select and protect your hair

To focus on your bang, you have to select the hair. Decide what you want, either a side or middle part, according to your facial features. If using a middle part, use a comb with the point of a triangle at the center of your forehead to create a triangle section. With a heat protectant, protect your hair. If you are utilizing Chi’s Silk Infusion you require only two drops. 

Dry your bang with a blowdryer

To blow-dry your bangs, use a paddle brush, but some prefer a round brush. Begin at the roots and work your way down to the ends, using the brush to create a slight curve. Blow dry your bangs forward down on both sides of the face. 

Adding texture

Use a volume spray, texturizing, or dry shampoo to add some texture to your curtain bangs. To wave them, spray them onto your bangs and utilize your fingers. Oribe’s Thick Dry Finishing spray is a product that is essential for any hairstyle and should be in every haircare fan’s collection. 

Apply hairspray lastly

Use a small amount of hairspray to complete your curtain bangs so they stay in place. This will prevent your bangs from getting in your face throughout the day. The Air Control hairspray from Aveda provides a gentle hold and lasts the entire day. There is a faint herbal scent to this spray. If you utilize shine spray, eliminate this. 

Glow and move on

Davines’ Shimmering Mist smells just as good as it looks. But if you don’t like the sweet smell of hair, then another glow-and-move product is Simply Smooth Magic Potion. You can use it before blow-drying your hair, which is also a heat protection. 

How do you cut curtain bangs?

It is more challenging to perfect the look, particularly with inexperienced hands. In addition, butchered bangs are not easy to fix, significantly when you cut them abruptly too short. Everson says once you are in the chair, your stylist will probably cut out the bangs with razors or scissors. They will cut as in the middle of the face there is the shortest length, and out the longer pieces strike the face’s sides. 

Labrecque says that your stylist can use a slide-cutting technique to do this. When you curve the scissor behind your hand, keep the blades open steadily, and then pull to a longer point from a shorter point. This gives the appearance of curtain bangs a delicate, feathery edge rather than a harsh, blunt one.

Style Curtain Bangs Without Heat

If your hair is color-treated or prone to split ends, you might wonder whether you can style curtain bangs without a blowdryer or any other hot instrument. Experts assure you that it is possible, and you need a set of rollers and sometimes to let hair air dry. 

Undoubtedly, it is a possible approach. All you have to do is wrap your hair around a roller toward the face; the exact size of the roller depends on the length, texture, and desired bounce of the curl. After using a clip to secure it, let it dry and unroll it. 

Style Curtain Bangs With Straightener

Undoubtedly, there are different ways to style curtain bangs with straighteners. There are two techniques for Nubi hair. 

The first method will leave your curtain bangs straight but full of bounce. To fit them with the rest of the hair, at the root, they will also have an ideal amount of thickness and at the end, a lovely flick. This technique works best for those with moderator wavy locks or straight. The second method is about blending your curly hair with curtain bangs.

Initially, it will provide you with all of the necessary root clearance. After that, it will flow down into a soft and entirely stylish curl that maintains your curtain bangs distinct enough that they are still the center of your hairstyle. But they will blend seamlessly with the rest of your curl and don’t get the unpleasant separation between the two.

The first technique, Gentle Flick

Start to separate your curtain bang from the other hair. Make sure, your straightener is adjusted for your hair type to the correct temperature. Take one side and grip your straightener at the root lightly, but do not hold it there with the cable pointing away from your face. Instantly, to generate a bump or lift the root for volume, move the straightener away from the split and toward your ear. 

Then, start sliding the straightener down your curtain and bang right away. Take care, not to pull too hard, as this may draw your curtain bang down, remove the volume you generated currently, and damage the hair at the front of your head. 

When you are about an inch from the end, start to curl the straightener, depending on the length of the curtain. The cord is facing forward and still held horizontally. Twist an upward motion as you curl. A gentle flick generated at the end will sit your bang in a gentle S-shape. Now, you can repeat this on the opposite side of your curtain. 

Second Technique, Gentle Curl

You can start this by separating the rest of your curls from the curtain bang. Ensure your curtain is knotted-free to smooth it as you curl around the straightener. In contrast to the last method, now you should grip your straightener vertically while bending it slightly in that direction and making sure that the cord is in the air. 

Place the straightener at the root and grip down gently. As you work, right away, start twisting the straightener far from your face, allowing the hair to wrap around it softly. Then, gently pull the down so your curtain glides around the straightener’s round edge.

Once you reach the end and release, a curl will form. Depending on how visible you want your bangs to appear, you can leave it as is or use your fingertips to merge the hair with your other curls softly.  

Style Curtain Bangs With Rollers

Hair rollers help to style curtain bangs, but they cannot do this without a little heat. Take a straightener over your bangs or blow them with hot air from a hair dryer. Immediately brush your hair, and consider using a heated blow-drying brush. 

Through your bangs, slide the roller, starting at the roots, as if you were brushing them from the bottom. Begin rolling the curler towards your face, stop at the ends, and with each roll, wrap your hair. Until you reach the roots, continue rolling. 

Depending on the thickness or type of your hair, keep the roller on for 15 to 45 minutes until it is cool to the touch. Once it cools, release the bangs from the curler. 

Heatless rolling method

Wash your hair and dry it with a towel. Towards your face, twirl your curtain bangs around the roller. Before taking out the roller wait to dry your hair thoroughly. This method provides thinner, curly bangs volume and assists your natural curls or waves to go in a favorite direction.  

To clip the roller in the right place, use a salon pin, so that without falling it, you can get ready. Use a curl-defining cream all over the hair to make your waves hold before you style your bangs. The size of the roller depends on the type of your hair. Try a medium-sized roller if you have loose waves. 

Style Curtain Bangs Straight Hair

The Curtain bangs, with long, short, straight, wavy, coiled, and curly hair, work well. The incredibly adaptable haircut is curtain bang and goes well with low rolls, curls, ponytails, and many other popular hairstyles. 

Tools You Need to Style Curtain Bangs

The tools you need to style curtain bangs are described below.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is engineered for different types of hair and features five styling attachments. It is engineered for fast drying, protecting hair from extreme heat damage, and precise styling. 

Ceramic Vented Round Brush

A ceramic-barrel brush retains its heat, enabling a quicker or more expensive blow-dry. It is suitable for easier blow-drying on maximum volume in mid-length or extra-long hair. At 2.1 inches, this vented brush is the perfect size for styling curtain bangs.

L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Fresh Dust Hair Powder

L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Fresh Dust Hair Powder absorbs extra oils and extends the life of a blow-dry. This product is dry shampoo. To distribute it evenly, massage the root area after spraying. Labrecque recommends this hardworking powdered dry shampoo, which provides a quick refresh. 


Styling curtain bangs is not a tough job; you can do it quickly. Only for your assistance, this blog post provides you with some notable steps; by following them, you can style curtain bangs easily. This post gives you incredible information regarding how to style and cut curtain bangs. 

This platform also enhances your library by providing information regarding styling curtain bangs with straighteners, rollers, and without heat.

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