How to Stay Safe While Using Public Transport?

On Sunday, May 10th at around 7 pm, Boris Johnson made it abundantly clear (in his own way) to the British public that lockdown restrictions would start to be loosened in stages from the following Wednesday onwards as a means of kickstarting the economy and helping the country ease itself back into regular life.

We’re not going to get political here, but there are those for whom the concept of going out into the big wide world during a global virus pandemic causes them no small amount of worry. And we frankly don’t blame them. However, the fact remains that there are thousands of workers who will now be expected to go to work and many of them will have no choice but to use public transport.

For those people, safety should be of paramount concern and here, we’ve decided to focus on a few tips that commuters might want to consider when stepping foot on the tube or the bus during these frightening and uncertain times.

Always observe social distancing – It might not feel natural to stand 2 metres apart from each other at all times but doing so is the only way we’re going to prevent a second spike of COVID-19 infections. Take some time to familiarise yourself with just how far 2 metres is, so that whether your travelling just a few stops or from Baldock to London Kings Cross, you’ll have some idea as to how far away you should be from your fellow commuters at all times.

Change times – Rush hour should be avoided at all times if at all possible. Talk to your employer and try to negotiate a later or earlier start and end day for your working day so that you’re not stuck with the typical rush-hour squeeze.

Wear PPE – If possible, try to stock up on some quality protective equipment for your commute, mainly for the benefit of others, as this will prevent you from potentially spreading the virus. We understand that face masks are like gold dust at the moment and you might not be able to get hold of them safely, but even using scarves or other makeshift materials is better than nothing.

Remain vigilant – Unfortunately, not all commuters are going to have the same level of care or respect for the social distancing guidelines so it is up to individuals to stay focused and remain alert regarding not only their proximity to other travellers but how their fellow travellers are behaving. Make sure to report any behaviour, for example, that seems inappropriate.

Wash your hands – Finally, we might all have grown tired of this platitude but it’s never been more apt. Always wash your hands whenever you get a spare chance and carry hand sanitiser with you if you can find it anywhere. Because it’s only through diligence that we’ll beat this thing together.

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