How to spend the perfect weekend in Cambridge

Famous for its university, Cambridge is one of the most well-known cities in the UK. People flock to this quaint English city to see the scenery, architecture and historic attractions scattered around. With all this charm, it’s no surprise that so many tourists flock here for weekend breaks and holidays. Get detailed information about the weekend activities you can consider with your friends or family, on this website: masgdl 

If you are thinking of doing the same, here are just some of the ways you can make your trip to Cambridge perfect.


You can get to Cambridge by most forms of transport, (even by aeroplane if you are coming from Amsterdam), but by far the most popular option is to travel by train. If you are travelling from Central London, there are trains that depart from London King’s Cross every few minutes, with a travel time of up to an hour. Or, if you are travelling from elsewhere in the country, Cambridge station is still easily accessible. You can also travel by car to Cambridge, but you may find your best option is to park further out and get the bus in, to avoid extortionate parking costs.

The University

It is impossible to visit Cambridge and not visit at least one of Cambridge University’s buildings that are built in and around the city. Recognised as one of the UK’s most prestigious universities, it has been in battle with Oxford University for the top spot for years. This is no surprise when the alumni include such influential people as Stephen Hawking, Charles Darwin and Emma Thompson, to name a few – pretty impressive to say the least!


When visiting Cambridge, it is almost mandatory that you try punting on the River Cam. Punting is when you ride a flat boat down the river with someone at the back pushing you along with a long pole. You can choose to get a river tour for someone to do the hard work for you, or you can do it yourself – a harder yet more entertaining option.


If punting gets a bit much, why not pull over and take advantage of the beautiful parks that run alongside the riverbank? You could take a walk and explore the flora and fauna by foot, or you could sit down with a picnic and watch the world go by – the choice is yours.

Market Square

Market Square is a food lover’s haven. It has an array of different food vendors selling fresh and local produce – a perfect place to stop by while on the go to fill up your picnic basket. You can also find other goodies within Market Square, with locals selling everything from clothes to art to plants.

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