How To Revamp An Old Fireplace Hearth

When you would like to revamp your old fireplace hearth, you can convert the heart into an electric fireplace that is easy to use, efficient, and provides you with all the heat that you need. There are a few steps that you must follow to ensure that the hearth looks perfect, and these steps are listed below. Do not be afraid to turn your hearth into something special by using these steps. You can transform your living room, bedroom, or cottage with these steps, and you will not need to worry about stoking the fire, soot, smoke, or any of the other problems that come along with burning firewood.

Check The Size And Clearance Of The Hearth

You need to measure the fireplace so that you know what type of electric fireplace will fit in that spot. There are many Ethanol fireplaces on the market that will likely fit in your hearth, but you need to measure before buying. This article gives a good overview of styles and sizes: Once you have measured, you can choose a device that fits that open space. The measurements may not be exact, but you can be sure it will fit.

How Much Space Is Needed Around The New Firebox?

When you are looking for a firebox, you need to leave a bit of room around it when sliding it into the fireplace. You should have a minimum of 3/8 of an inch between the top of the firebox and the top of the fireplace opening. You also need a minimum of 1 inch of space between the rear of the firebox and the back of the fireplace. This is why it is important to measure carefully and check the specifications of each device before making your final decision.

If you do not have enough clearance, you will overheat the fireplace area. There is a lot of wood, plaster, and drywall in this area. You do not want to ignite these materials, and you do not want to feel like that area is melting. The paint could begin to melt, or you might even melt parts of the mantle because you do not have enough clearance.

Clean The Fireplace

Before you get started, the fireplace needs to be cleaned thoroughly. You need to ensure that no dust or soot is left behind. A completely clean fireplace will help to radiate more heat without releasing soot or dust into the air. At the same time, you do not want smoke to billow into the house because soot that was left in the fireplace is ignited or burned off.

After the fireplace is clean, you should feel confident leaving that space open. If the fireplace is not clean enough to be used as an open space, you should not put a firebox inside it.

Get A Chimney Cap

Chimney caps are designed to cover the chimney opening and prevent water from entering the fireplace. This is more important than ever because you do not want the electrics in the firebox to be damaged. You can order these chimney cap covers online or at a local hardware store. Ensure that you have a tight seal before you continue, and do not do anything with the cover in the future.

When you do this, remember that you should also close the damper. You can keep that closed as another layer of protection that will prevent water from entering the fireplace.

Slide The Firebox In Place

You can slide the firebox in place now that you have invested all this time preparing the fireplace. When you slide the firebox into the fireplace, you should center it and make sure that it is level. You may need to adjust the feet if the fireplace itself is not perfectly level. Because there is no minimum clearance to the floor, you do not need to raise the feet of the firebox if you do not have to.

Attach The Frame When Available

You can attach a frame around the fireplace that is likely made from metal. You do not want to use a wood frame, and you do not need to put a screen in front of the firebox.

Your Fireplace Will Look Brand New

Your fireplace will look brand new once you have completed this process. You can easily revamp your fireplace when you add a firebox, and you will find that it looks much better than old logs that are burnt. A firebox smells better, is safer for people with respiratory issues, and it can last longer than your house.

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