How to recover deleted Excel files for free?

Excel sheets are the heart and soul of a company which stores the entire life of it. Without maintaining Excel sheets properly, one can’t think to run an organization successfully. They store some really important lists and numbers which could be a disaster to lose.

The reason could be anything but suffering will be yours and besides, free data recovery software is a distant dream. This makes it easy to lose data but equally difficult to recover it back. Now-a-days, softwares to recover corrupted Excel files is extremely expensive and can be heavy on the pocket.

Reasons which will force you to recover deleted Excel files for free

There are so many reasons which lead to loss of data or I must say minor mistakes leading to heavy damages. Here a few things which are responsible for the same:

  1. Cut and Paste: Many times some unidentified error interrupts your cutting and pasting session leading to a severe data loss. You find that the cutting and pasting, both the locations, doesn’t show any folder of the data being processed. It just gets lost in the air.
  2. Hard Disk Failure: Internal or external, both hard drives fail at times causing a great loss of stored data which needs to be retracted with external help.
  3. Power Cut-off: Power cut off is the simplest and wrecking reason for losing data. You could be punching those numbers and an electricity cut, even a spark, will wipe off the data in a blink.
  4. Application Breakdown: The Excel applications carry most of the load and at times for several reasons, they can crash in between an upload resulting in data loss.
  5. System Breakdown: Just like the Excel application, the system can also crash which results in not only losing Excel data but much more than just that.

Methods to reach free Excel file recovery software and more options

The internet is brimming with so many potential options which will pop up on your single search. It can be very hectic to find a free excel recovery software which can enable you to retract your lost files, actually without incurring any cost.

Method 1: Recover from Stellar Free Data Recovery Software

To sort this dilemma, Stellar Data Recovery India has proven it the best in terms of recovery. which lets you retrieve deleted Excel files for free. Besides helping recover permanently deleted Excel files, Stellar free data recovery software also resolves issues in Microsoft Excel which are responsible for the corruption. Also, this software is the best to recover deleted Excel file free online on a perfectly blank Excel sheet. Follow the below mentioned instructions to do the same:

  1. Download and run Stellar free data recovery software.

2. From Select What to recover window Select ‘Office Documents’ under the Documents, Folder and Emails section.

Download and run Stellar free

3. Then Select the location and put it on scan.

Select the location

4. Now when the scanning is completed you will see preview of recovered files now select the files you wish to recover.

click recover


5. Finally, click ‘recover’ and wait for the process to get over.

click recover


6. Save your recovered files to the desired location, but not on the affected drive

Method 2: Recover Excel files from Recycle Bin

Accidentally deleted files go to the Recycle Bin and you can easily recover deleted files from there too:

  1. Open Recycle Bin.
  2. Select the file that you want to restore back.
  3. Right click on selected file and select ‘restore’.
  4. You will find your desired file in its original location.

Method 3: Recover from Recent File Option.

  1. Go to ‘File’ in the Excel sheets.
  2. Select ‘Open.’
  3. Click ‘Recent.’
  4. Go for ‘Recover Unsaved Workbooks.’

Tips to prevent loss of Excel Sheets:

Although there are various things which you can do to not let a situation arrive where you would need a professional free excel recovery like Stellar Data Recovery Software and here is a list of all the precautions that you must take:

  • Never cut and paste your data, instead, copy it and then paste it in the desired location. Later on, the original file could be deleted if not needed but the chances of data loss will be reduced this way.
  • In case you use a hard disk, make sure you keep a copy of the important data in order to always have a backup.
  • Although you cannot do anything about application and system breakdown, you can try making these sheets on Google Drive.
  • You must have a power back-up to prevent any data loss from a sudden power cut-off.


With so many ways in the market to recover your Excel files, do not panic while you lose any. Instead, stay calm and figure out the best possible way out of all the options laid in front you. One way or the other, you will eventually find a solution for recovering your important files and carry on with the work.

However, the probability of recovering data by manual methods is less but don’t worry to recover deleted Excel files, Stellar Data Recovery – Free Edition will always have your back to effortlessly recover all your lost Excel files at free of cost. The software is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Excel.

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