How to recover data from a broken android mobile phone?

The nature of smartphones in this day and age is very fragile. We all wish they were as strong as Nokia 3310 was at one point. Although there are many screen protectors and cases available in the market which offer extreme protection, we all know accidents happen and mobile phones end up in breaking. I wanted to sell my mobile phone with a broken screen and wanted to retrieve all my data from the mobile phone and reset it back to the factory settings before sending it for recycling. Although it might seem impossible to save data from your mobile phone especially if the screen is broken. But this guide will help you delete data from a mobile phone with a broken screen without much hassle. It is important to delete all your data before you sell your mobile phone.

Recover Data from Dead Phone

Android mobile phones which accept SD card allow users to retrieve almost all of their images and pictures along with other data stored onto SD card whereas it might get a bit tricky if there isn’t an SD card. Just as mobile phones have advanced in technology, it’s much easier for you to retrieve data from a dead mobile phone using the third-party mobile phone retrieval tools.

Using Mouse to retrieve data from a broken mobile phone?

Most of Android mobile phones including almost all Samsung Galaxy models have a glass screen on them and the actual screen is underneath the actual screen also has two parts and one deals with the touch function whereas the other one is responsible for the display. In some cases when the screen gets broken you might not be able to use the touch functionality but at the same time, it allows you to see what’s on the screen. In this scenario, you can use a normal wired computer mouse to operate your mobile phone and retrieve all data. The mouse can be attached with an android mobile phone by using an OTG cable. An OTG cable allows you to even use a USB drive with the mobile phone for easy data transfer.

Retrieve data to a computer from a broken mobile phone

There are many paid and free software’s which claim to let you download or delete your data from a broken mobile phone. But the main difficulty they face is when your mobile phone has a password on it and they do not allow you to unlock it via software. If any software allows you to unlock the mobile phone using the software, then get it and connect your mobile phone with your computer. First, download everything onto your computer then factory reset your mobile phone via using the same software.

Seeking help from a mobile phone shop to retrieve data and reset the mobile phone back to factory settings

Mobile phone shops are the best and easiest way to get your data saved and get your mobile phone restored to factory settings despite how broken the screen is. Most of the mobile phone shops have an all-new model of screens in stock. They replace the screen of your mobile phone temporarily with a screen of new screen and after entering the password, you can delete all your data from the mobile phone by resetting it. You should always take extra care before selling your mobile phone to anyone. All your data needs to be deleted and the easiest way is to reset the mobile phone back to factory settings so that nothing stays on your mobile phone. Learn more about android phones by clicking here.

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