How to properly sanitize a restaurant

The hospitality industry is undergoing a crisis as a result of COVID-19. With a high risk of contamination and spread of the virus in restaurants, cafes, and hotels, the hospitality sector has been suffering losses and turned towards high costs for cleaning and maintaining their properties. However, restaurants are now fortunate enough to open their doors for customers but at a price, i.e. to maintain cleanliness and hygiene and also meet safety guidelines for further prevention of the virus.

The importance of sanitization is evident now more than ever. Resuatainrats are now under an added pressure of complying with COVID health and safety guidelines while providing quality service to customers. Amidst all this pressure, restaurants will be making efforts to not compromise on the quality of their hospitality for customers. But how exactly do you adhere to strict sanitization rules and further avoid cross-contamination in your restaurant? Besides learning the importance of sanitization, restaurant owners need to take extra measures to avoid further contamination among customers.

Cleaning and sanitizing your restaurant will normally have the following fundamental steps:

  • Cleaning surfaces by removing/scraping food from surfaces
  • Washing the surface thoroughly to avoid cross-contamination
  • Rinsing surfaces with cleaning solutions manufactured for strict sanitization procedures
  • Sanitizing the surface itself to reduce cross-contamination and the spread of viruses

Begin with Implementing strict sanitization procedures and protocols for your restaurant. Be it for procuring and washing vegetables to cleaning surfaces and cutlery, get yourself and your restaurant staff familiar with the best cleaning and sanitization practice required to reduce cross-contamination. If your restaurant already has sanitization standards in place, focus on improving and strengthening those standards, and make practices more rigid to avoid loopholes in maintaining the best safety and health standards.

Get your cleaning and sanitization products reviewed for their effectiveness. While your restaurant may already use the best cleaning products, dealing with a deadly virus spread requires more than the best cleaning products. You can purchase safe, stable, and non-corrosive products to clean and sanitize the kitchen and restaurant tables. Whatever products you may buy, check their reviews, local COVID-19 health and safety regulations, and manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that your restaurant is indeed using the best type of cleaning solutions and sanitization products.

Another useful tip would be to train your restaurant staff on performing the necessary steps and take appropriate action to avoid contamination and spread. Surfaces must be cleaned regularly and sanitized at least every four hours, which is only possible when the restaurant’s staff is trained and habituated to the same. Training employees can be an effective measure to reduce the spread of the virus while educating them on the importance of sanitization before welcoming customers.

The best way to have your restaurant ready to attend clients after COVID-19 is by hiring a commercial cleaning agency in your area. Commercial companies carry the required experience and have the expertise to turn things around, especially in performing a thorough and rigid cleaning of your space. Moreover, commercial cleaning agents use the best products, maintain safety, and may also train your staff in maintaining the results of professional cleaning practices.




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