How to Promote Your New App In 2020

You’ve created a mobile app. Congratulations! But it’s not the right time to relax now. Why? The answer is very simple. Just imagine that you need some certain app for language learning, for example. You go to the AppStore or PlayMarket, according to your device, and see lots of apps with similar features. Which application will you choose? So you see that you need a special promotional strategy to attract users to your mobile product among the other competitors. Otherwise, all the money and energy you’ve put into the application idea, its design, and development can be wasted without getting people who will use it. The better your marketing tactics will be, the more downloads you will get. Let’s get into more details on how to market your brand new application:

  1. Find bloggers to promote your app.

It’s important to mention that a lot of people try some software just because someone has recommended it to them. If you find the right blogger, which writes articles and reviews in your topic, that’s great. After you’ve found a journalist for a pitch, you need to find his email address or other contact information. Often, there are contact details mentioned on the same page as his post is. If not, you will need to conduct a little research to find contacts, but that’s not a problem, because there are even special database resources with all the needed info. Try to write a simple and short pitch, which has the description of your application, perhaps some promo codes or exclusive access to your product, and on what terms you want your product to be reviewed by this journalist or blogger.

  1. Submit to application catalogs and alternative marketplaces.

Of course, you should start from the App Store and Google Play Store, as they are the biggest and the most popular application marketplaces nowadays. Start with a comprehensive description of your app, add screenshots, select the right category. Try to make the whole picture attractive for its potential users. Remember about alternative stores. They have less users than App Store and Google Play Market, but that’s a chance for you to be seen among fewer competitors.

  1. Create app videos.

People love videos. It is the most engaging and fun way to tell about your mobile app. ComboApp digital marketing agency reports that your mobile app marketing plan needs to include a 30-50 second demo video to show your app’s pros and competitive advantages as well as clearly describe its features and value for the users. You can also use 30-sec preview videos for application listings on the App Store and Google Play as this will increase conversion of listing’s views to downloads.

  1. Create profiles on social media.

Having accounts on the most popular social media platforms is a very important part of mobile app marketing. You need to be active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to be noticed by potential users. Fulfil your profiles with all useful information, add pictures and reviews (if you have some already), invite everyone you know, including bloggers and influencers. Better to start managing these accounts at least one month before the release date. If you make everything right, it will give you time to build a community and make people talk about your application before it appears on the market.


These are just some of the app marketing tactics to implement for any product promotion. Depending on your budget and team size, you can adjust your marketing plan accordingly. To learn more about available advertising strategies and tips, check out this mobile app marketing guide from ComboApp agency.

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