How To Perform Soundcheck Properly?

Soundcheck is an essential task in the entertainment world and there are a number of concepts that we need to consider. As an example, all members of the band should hear what others hear. There should also be sound engineers who determine the effects, dynamics, positioning of speakers and others. During soundchecking, it isn’t the time to pose and show of new flashy styles, it should be performed hours before the actual show begins. Obviously, there could be a few fans who want to watch the soundcheck session, so it is inappropriate to do this in our pyjamas and do various embarrassing acts. In fact, good bands and singers will do this professionally.

Sound check is the time to be perfectly serious and we should be able to use the allotted time, especially if our bands are one among others. We shouldn’t annoy the sound engineer and should try to perform sound check properly. Bands shouldn’t play irritatingly and randomly during sound check session. In fact, some good bands are able to impress new fans during soundchecks with their good music and great instrument skills. Bands that are unable to perform sound check properly are essentially waiting for a nightmare to unfold. They shouldn’t expect that they could just unpack their guitars and play drums, expecting that everything would be fine.

Soundcheck is even more important for solo performances, because lines should be re-checked often to make sure that they are working. Problems with cables may cause some instruments to not being heard properly out front. In fact, for many new bands, handling sound system may feel like a roll of the dice, because they can be proficient after making some basic mistakes. Bands and singers should introduce themselves to the sound engineers. These professionals must be appreciated, because they work extra hard to make sure that sounds can be properly heard by the crowd.

One thing that sound engineers hate is the hottest new band that eats into their precious soundcheck schedules. So, no matter how popular we are, we should be able to follow all the procedures and schedules properly. It means that the stage should be cleared, when our soundcheck session ends. By that time, we should already be sure that everything is working properly. It is also necessary to wait for the sound engineer’s instructions and be quiet when needed. When the amp and speakers are making the right sounds, we should give sound engineers a thumb up and this is the least of appreciation that we can give them.

We need to play the instruments reasonably and it doesn’t make sense to deafen the guy. There are different sound checking techniques that we can do. As an example, we may do plenty of quick doubles in our set, so sound engineers are able to check the gates. In a big show, there is also a monitor engineer and we could let him know about specific details that we want.

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