How to Overcome Procrastination with the New Normal

Nobody anticipated that the year 2020 would make a drastic change to how people live daily. The sad part is that many livelihoods were affected, and students have to pause their schooling.

Staying at home, by all means, is the safest method to prevent the spread of the virus. However, for the past 6-months or so, we are stuck at home with the same routine every day. Because of that, many become lazy. Thus, the procrastination rate increases.

One of the factor procrastination increase is when schools and businesses implemented the new normal. It is when they have to bring all works at home, and when students continue with their studies online.

How does the “new normal” increases the risk of procrastination?

Study shows that people tend to lower down their guards when at their comfort zone. When we work or study at home, it is easy for us to ignore the sound of the alarm, and we could come up with excuses because nobody is there to check us out.

Why is it important not to procrastinate?

When everything is back to normal, it will be hard for lazy people to get back on track. When the economy bounces back, we can expect that companies will only hire people that are willing to be extra productive than before. Procrastination, however, develops traits that are opposite to what productive means. That is why we have to learn ways on how to overcome procrastination.

Here is a list of things that you can do to overcome procrastination with the new normal:

Start with a New Habit

If we try to observe what people do these days during this pandemic, the majority will affirm that they did nothing other than scrolling endlessly on their mobile devices. This habit is a huge factor in procrastination.

Notice this, have you ever think of a task that you need to finish? Say, for example, doing the laundry, washing the dishes, or cleaning the house, but they were all delayed. And the reason is that you are stuck scrolling in your mobile device or playing the trendy games.

Starting a new habit is the best solution and the first step in overcoming procrastination. What else can you do aside from tapping?

DIY cooking and baking – while you are addicted to the numbing effect of social media and games, you may want to watch videos that can help you develop new skills such as cooking and baking. At least, you will learn how to use the electric cooker and microwave which you have never touched before. Cooking and baking are some of the most enjoyable and fulfilling habits.

Exercise and Yoga – Aside from DIY cooking and baking, yoga and basic home exercises are available to watch in social media and apps too. When staying at home, we move a little due to a lack of activities to make, and we are aware that it is not beneficial for health.

The best way to overcome procrastination is through exercising, and as many say that an exercise is a form of self-discipline. When we learn to wake up early and start exercising our bodies, we are defeating the thoughts of picking up the phone first in the morning. Thus, overcoming the lazy mentality.

Start with a New Circle

The saying, “birds of a feather flock together,” is correct not only with the people that surround us but also with the people or influencer we follow on social media.

We have seen in social media that some influencers are not influencing positively, either through their actions or words. Unknowingly, they are bringing a factor to who we have become as well. What we consistently see will impact the way we make decisions too.

If we consistently see influencers playing games for hours and hours, then we will do the same. With that, we will be less productive, and we are not earning too compared to them.

There is nothing wrong with supporting the influencers in social media content. However, it is beneficial if we follow people that are best at influencing us positively.

If we consistently see influencers teaching new skills, DIY tips, or proper exercise and a healthy diet, then we will likely do the same. That means will overcome procrastination with the support from the people we follow.

Final Sayings:

John C. Maxwell, a famous book author, quoted that prevention is always better than cure. As we are going through difficult times, it is not an excuse to stop learning or do nothing but to wait when this is over. We can still be of an impact, if not to other people, to our family by setting as an example that we can achieve something even during this pandemic. That is possible if we overcome procrastination by doing the exact opposite, be productive in any way possible.

When we achieve this, we will be a winner in life.

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