How to Move in a Week Time

Moving is a lengthy and time-consuming process. It takes at least a month to plan and execute a move but then life doesn’t come as easy as we want sometimes we have to make a quick-moving decision. Moving in less time or let’s say in a week, is difficult but not impossible.

We all know the overwhelming feeling of moving and when you have to move in a week it becomes all the more hectic. You can move in a week without even losing your mind.

Start preparation in time, hire local movers, declutter and pack appropriately and more, here are some tips to have a successful move pulled off just in a week. Shed off all your moving fear and start as suggested:


A late notice from the homeowner or procrastination can be the most common reason for a hurried move. As soon as you get to know about the move, start preparing for it. But before you start, just sit and relax for some time. Plan out everything with a calm mind and just don’t let the situation overpower your mind.

The first thing that needs to be done is to make a plan and hire a professional moving company immediately after the decision. You can ask friends and family to recommend a good moving company or you can search online. Get the moving quotation from at least 3 to 4 companies and settle for the best. Make sure you call them for an onsite inspection before you get connected with them.

The next step is to gather enough supplies for packing your stuff. Collect boxes from your local grocery store and liquor stores. Make sure you choose the right sizes, don’t opt for too big or too small boxes. Extra-large boxes will be difficult to lift and you may end up damaging things and too small boxes will be too many. Printer paper boxes are a good choice for packing your things. Gather some newspapers to use as fillers in the boxes. Other important packing supplies include packing tape, markers to label the boxes, and large see-through garbage bags.

And now as we are ready with everything required for a move, let’s start packing and other moving processes:

Day 1 

So as you have already booked a moving company for the move or even if you have planned a DIY move, the first thing you should do is to have a round of each corner of your house and go through your every belonging. Decluttering is the motive. Take out absolutely everything that you are not using in the past. Donate, Sell, or throw the stuff that you have taken out and then consider packing the remaining things. This will take at least a day. This will give you a clear idea of your belongings that you have to take along.

Day 2

Start your packing from the kitchen and dining area. Every kitchen has so much stuff and a lot of knick-knack takes forever to pack. But make sure, you start with the things that you don’t use on regular basis. Pack all your dishes and crockery that you use for special occasions only. Pack all the extra sets of things like glasses and dishes and the same applies to pots and pans too. So this way you will be able to pack more than half of your kitchen on day 1 itself.

Make sure you pack your glassware and other breakable items properly and safely. Put some extra wrapping paper around your favorite wine glasses. Also, fill in all the gaps in the moving boxes properly. Label each box clearly.

Day 3

Pack all your books and electronics. Gather all the books spread around the house and Pack all the books together. This will make your unpacking easier when you will have all the books in one place. Except for phone chargers, pack all the electronics on day 2. Be sure you take pictures of all of your electronics before un-assembling to have an idea where to plug in their respective wires at the time of re-assembling them.

Day 4

Pack all the clothes and start with the seasonal clothes. Pack all extra pillows, linens, and blankets. You can even use garbage bags to pack lightweight stuff of yours. Don’t forget to keep packing your kitchen a little more every day.

Day 5

As you are left with only two days, start packing up your living area. Pack away everything around, right from the furniture to your DVD collections. You can keep a DVD or two to watch on the night before the move.  Pack all of your antiques, wall hangings, and even the smallest of pictures in each room.

Day 6

Pack your bathrooms too. All the extra toiletries should be packed on day 6. Try to pack your bathroom goods in the Rubbermaid transparent containers so that in case you need anything before the move then it will be easy to locate the required item in the see-through containers.

And now is the time to pack your bedrooms. Pack everything that is there in your bedroom. Pack any decorative items or your pictures. Pack all the heavy furniture of the house too and preferably sleep on the mattress a night before your move to save time the next morning.

Day 7: The Moving Day

The moving day is here and all you need to do is to keep your sanity alive. Don’t get overwhelmed and keep doing things as they come. Just keep throwing those leftover knick-knacks in a large plastic container.

The most important tip is to pack an overnight suitcase that should be filled with things to use for a couple of days for you and pack everything as early as possible. There are a lot of health benefits of relocating and when you plan it properly, only then the benefits can be availed.

Have a Great Move!

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