How to Merge a PDF?

Do you have several PDF files, and you would like to merge them to make one bigger document? It’s been proven that combining several small documents into one big one is an amazing productivity hack. Several small documents can be stressful to manage, track down and even resent. Again, you may have several parts of an important document that you need to put together. With PDF mail merge, you can rest assured that you can merge several small PDF documents into one bigger document that looks professional.

Combining PDF in Windows

When you are merging PDF documents in Windows, you will certainly wish that you could have a Mac, because it has powerful inbuilt apps that you can use to get the work done quickly. If you are using Windows 10, you have the privilege of viewing your PDF files in the Edge Browser. However, other than viewing it, there is nothing else that you can do with the file. To merge several files, you will need to use third-party apps which are paid for or a productivity app that offers you limited functionalities.

If your tasks are just a handful, you may install the PDFsam. This app is available for free, or as a paid-for version that has additional features, so choose one that serves you.

Its interface allows you to select what to do, for instance, merging, as well as splitting PDF documents. It also allows you to create one big PDF document from several small documents that have been obtained from separate pages of one large file.

But while merging your files, don’t have an incredibly easy-to-use interface such as the thumbnail views that you normally see in Adobe reader and other business-grade software. However, you can list the pages that you want from the document by previewing it using Microsoft Edge.

However, if you need better visual cues when merging separate PDF files on windows, you will have to pay for a commercial application that allows you to view the combined PDFs before you finally save them into your disk.

This also helps to display thumbnail image so that you can drag in your sidebar so that you can rearrange the pages. There are other amazing PDF mail mergers that work on different platforms. It makes merging documents easy.

Combining PDFs on Mac

Unlike Windows operating system, Mac has got several high-powered inbuilt tools that help make merging PDF documents easy. There is a MacOS Finder that allows you to create new or combine several PDF documents from a menu that is available in its gallery view. With his kind of view, you can preview the original file in its large size.

To start merging files, you should first switch to the gallery view using the Finder toolbar or the View menu at the top line. Then, you press down the Command key and choose which files you would like to combine. Click on the files, following the order that you want them to appear after they have been combined. After you have completed selecting the files, there is a button that is titled “Create PDF button” which will appear on the inspector panel. Click on it and the finder will come up with a new file that contains combined PDF files of whatever you had selected.

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