How to Master Google Ads Remarketing

Since Google Ads (formally AdWords) remarketing burst onto the scene back in 2010, it has gone from strength to strength in terms of form, features and functionality. Nowadays, they are considered the very best online marketing tools. Why? Because of its consistent results, time and time again. However, their ever-improving slate of products and services require advertisers to continually bring their A-game to deliver creative and optimised campaigns that succeed. To help both newbie and experienced marketers, this post is a brief overview of the expert tips and best practices required to make the most of your Google Ads remarketing campaign.

Get Structured

The backbone of your campaign will be your structure; organisation is the key to success. In an ideal world, you would have an individual remarketing campaign for each keyword list and/or product you’re promoting. If this is not possible, at least separate your campaigns with each ad group in mind. For example, you could have two different marketing campaigns, one to target users who viewed a specific product category but didn’t convert and another to generate secondary purchases and upsells.

Separating campaigns with varying goals in mind is a very effective strategy. As you gain enough data to assess each ad group’s performance, you can further split the top-performing lists into sub-groups and allocate these campaigns a specific daily or monthly budget.

Be Creative

You want your remarketing advert to stand out for all the right, and not wrong, reasons. People shop with their eyes — you only have a brief window in which to catch and keep their attention. Most of this comes down to design.

First and foremost, you want to convey a unique message with your advert, it’s imperative you spend time thinking of ways to do just that. After all, potential customers will see this message when scrolling through lots of text and image-heavy screens, so it needs to be catchy and creative. Make sure you employ a graphic designer who can create eye-catching visuals. Pair this with persuasive language, striking icons and logos and a strong call to action (i.e. BOOK NOW, SHOP TODAY, DOWNLOAD HERE, etc.).

Research Well

Just as structuring and creativity are vitally important, so too is research, it’s crucial for creating successful Google Ads remarketing campaigns. For one thing, the best way to crush your competition is to understand precisely how they’re approaching their remarketing efforts. For example, you can pick up on the potential customers that your competitor has lost out on by aggressively targeting the shoppers they have overlooked.

The other all-important step you can’t afford to overlook is keyword research. No matter the size or limit of your budget, you want to precisely know what keywords will perform best for your chosen goals and with your product/brand in mind. Try to be as specific as possible, for example, don’t bid too broadly, you’re better off targeting ‘hotel bangkok thonglor’ than ‘hotel bangkok’ as that keyword will be both more costly and competitive.

We hope these insider tips have helped you gain an understanding of how to master Google Ads for remarketing success. With these best practices in place, you’ll be able to remarket like a pro, regardless of your industry, budget and goals.

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