How To Make Your Money Go Further

With sky-high inflation rates and energy prices, many Brits have been strapped for cash this year.  The post-pandemic world has been expensive and we need our current salaries to go further. Some people are starting side hustles while others are learning about new financial strategies. Whether its investing, zero-based budgeting or utilising saving accounts, there are plenty of ways to make your money go further.

Look into offers

Before you spend money on clothes, homeware and food, look into the offers available. There are plenty of websites that advertise coupons, like free coffees, discounted beauty products and limited time freebies. You can also use loyalty cards, like the Tesco Clubcard, to earn points and make savings.

Earn money on your savings

If you already have money saved, make sure it’s in a high-yield savings account. In the UK, you can earn an average of 2.5% interest on your rainy day savings and still access it at anytime. You can grow your money without doing anything, and reap the benefits in years to come. Make sure to compare high yield savings accounts so you can get the best deal.

Get thrifty

It’s time to get creative with thrifting. Instead of buying clothes and homeware new, start buying second hand to make significant savings. You can use eBay, Depop and Facebook Marketplace online to access discounted items. Or, head into your local charity shop to see what they have on offer. This is a great way to stay on budget while also reducing your environmental impact.  You can also start selling your unwanted belongings to build up some extra income.

Make the most of your tax allowances

There are several different tax allowances that you might be entitled to claim, but don’t know about yet. For example, you can earn up to £12,570 in side hustles without paying any tax.

Get rid of underused subscriptions

When was the last time you reviewed your online subscriptions? Make a list of every subscription you have and the monthly cost. Look through your bank statements to make sure you have them all and highlight the ones you don’t use enough. Do you really need Netflix, Disney, Now TV and Amazon Prime? Try switching them out each month if you want to start a new series, and cancel the others.

Saving money is all about consistency and accountability. Be honest with yourself and hold yourself accountable when you have gone over budget. Over time, you can make your money go further!

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