How To Make Online Learning More Productive

Nowadays, online education has become the new normal. As the evolution of the pandemic is still uncertain and the vaccination rates are rising slowly, we do not know what happens next. However, after two years of the pandemic, many universities and colleges have adapted to online education.

But did students do the same? Well, some might like this new form of attending courses, but some still struggle to find the perfect recipe. Being productive in a different environment and focusing your attention on the classes can be challenging for some. So, here are some tips and tricks that will help you make online learning more productive.

Keep Distractions Away

As an EssayWritingLand has highlighted, we live in the world of distractions. They are everywhere and brands and businesses compete, in fact, for your attention. Distractions can take many forms but some of them are common to many students.

Notifications on phones might be the ones that distract you the most, thus preventing you from focusing fully on your tasks or classes. It is therefore important to identify what distracts you and keep those distractions away. Put your phone on silent mode. Close your unused tabs and more importantly, the social media ones. Ask your colleagues or family to not disturb you while you are studying or taking part in classes.

To-Do Lists

Online learning is the dream of many students but it poses some real challenges to other students as well. Because everything happens online, it is easy to lose focus on what you have to do. Many students even delay their tasks and they end up with short deadlines and lots of essays to write. Even though you can find a writer to, planning your day and having to-do lists help you stay on track. Like this, you also make sure you do not forget about an important and urgent task.

What to Start With?

Okay, you have your to-do list for the day, but what should you start with? Well, first, you need to learn more things about yourself. When is the time in the day when you are the most productive? Usually, this happens in the morning when you wake up relaxed and full of energy.

But other students might have a different schedule and be more productive in the evening. However, the trick is to start with the most difficult and challenging tasks you have. It will be easier to approach them when you are full of energy and motivation. They need more effort and attention on your part, so plan your days wisely.

Take Breaks

One common misconception among students is that breaks delay their work and study process, not boost it. Of course, this is wrong. It is important to be aware of the fact that even if your brain is a powerful machine, it is not built to study and focus for 12 hours straight.

You need breaks to unwind and relax. And it is important to not neglect this part. If you do not take any break, you put more and more strain on your brain. And after a few hours, you will slowly become less productive, thus you will achieve less. Instead, take regular breaks during which you disconnect from your coursework and classes.

Add Plants

Even though this piece of advice might seem weird, you should know that it is actually working. Many studies show that plants in the office relieve stress and boost productivity. This happens due to the green color which is so present in nature during summer days. And that is associated with relaxation, peace, and stress-free moments.

So, add one or two plants to your desk to make it greener. On top of this, they are also oxygenating the air which helps you breathe and think better. Psychologists have found out that plants have improved the productivity of people by up to 15%, which is awesome. An easy trick to implement during online learning, said John O. from best cv writing service uk.


Online learning comes with many benefits and advantages, but with challenges too. Not all students got used to studying from home and they are looking for ways to boost their productivity. Well, there are some tips and tricks that could help you do this. Keep distractions away, take breaks, build to-do lists and start with the most challenging tasks first. Last but not least, add plants to your desk to promote relaxation and productivity, but also make the entire learning setting more inspiring and pleasant.

Do not forget that every student is an individual with dreams and habits, so put to practice what helps you. You can easily be more productive if you build your setting accordingly and this will help you pursue your academic goals with ease.

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