How to Make Money Online And Why Having A Personal Website Is A Must For That

In this article, we will look at making money on the Internet, and reveal some secrets everyone needs to know before starting working online. And also, why you need your own website for this.

Who is suitable for making money online?


Working online is a great way to get your first income. The Internet provides many options for earning money as a student. Since the lion’s share of the proposals here does not require special skills and knowledge, these are the simplest types of work. Learn more about How to Make Money Online at


Online is perfect for this category: all you need is a computer or smartphone. The work is not difficult, there is not much of it, so you can earn money online in your free time and in between chores.

People looking for extra income

If the full-time job does not bring the desired salary, then it’s time to think about a side job. Internet will help you find a second, and maybe a third source of replenishment of the budget.

Pros and cons of working online

The World Wide Web gives everyone an equal opportunity to earn. So, among the obvious advantages of working on the Web, is the ability to work from home, a cafe or any convenient place, wherever you are. That is, there is no binding to the workplace, and hence the convenience.

Make Money Online

The main disadvantage is that for the most part, working online will not bring you huge incomes. That is, the work is not difficult, but there is a lot of it, and they pay little for it. On the contrary, it is inconvenient for someone to work from home due to the mass of distractions and the lack of days off and a normal schedule. This is all very individual. Another disadvantage: there are a lot of scammers on the Internet. It is important not to fall for their tricks. The next section is about this.

How to recognize scammers?

First, look critically and with a cold mind at every job offer. Do not be seduced by loud phrases, such as “with us you will earn easily and quickly”, or “you will hardly have to work, the money will fall on you”. This doesn’t happen. Making money easily and fast, and doing nothing at the same time, is impossible.

Secondly, before accepting a job, find out who offers it to you. If you are not sure about the reliability, it is better to refuse.

Thirdly, a reason to be wary if you are asked to make an advance payment under some pretext. Under no circumstances should this be done. Just like participating in financial pyramids – any! The scheme of earnings in them is built in such a way that the “tops” receive income, the rest sooner or later lose money.

Fourthly, you should not rely on luck and invest in forex or play on the stock exchange. This is not a fraudulent activity, but the risk of being left with nothing is extremely high. Economists who are well versed in the system can lose money here. Yes, even if they have a financial sense.

Why do you need a personal website to earn money online?

Nowadays, you won’t surprise anyone with a personal website, but in order to acquire it, you either have to spend a lot of time studying all technical issues and programming languages, or turn to specialists who will do everything for money or try based on someone else’s experience and tips to create a site for free. In both options you will still need the best web hosting for your site to be visible and legit. So, initially you have to figure out all these issues and do research.

80% of businesses screen potential hires using Google or a comparable search engine before inviting them for an interview, according to the Huffington Post. The only place on the Internet that you have control over is a personal website. If a website accurately represents your experience, it functions as a letter of recommendation.

The site can be used as a portfolio. A personal website is needed not only for photographers, writers or managers. It will also be useful for freelancers, and the very fact of its creation will demonstrate the skills. In addition, you may provide links to download and/or purchase works. Some areas now require knowledge of basic technical skills such as HTML and CSS. Building a website will help you learn them, which will also put your work in the foreground for potential clients.


So, you can make money online even with small experience. But how much to earn – it already depends on the capabilities of the applicant himself. The amount of income is formed from how difficult the work is to perform and how much time to devote to it. The Internet gives you the tools to work with, and how you use them is up to you. If you want, take a part-time job and get pocket money, or if you want, develop your business, create your website and get a stable income.

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