How to Make Dalgona Coffee with Coffee Beans

Dalgona coffee is a new beverage that has caused a buzz on the internet lately. It is the one that has proven to be hard to make out of all other types of coffee. But with this guide, we believe that is going to change. This article has come on time, being that the COVID-19 pandemic might have closed all your favorite coffee shops. So, here is how you can use coffee beans to make dalgona coffee.

Making Dalgona Coffee

According to sources, some of which are posted on Youtube, there are different types of coffee beans, but you can use them to make dalgona coffee. First, you will only need three ingredients. Take your ground coffee or coffee beans from Kent & Sussex Tea Company, and put one scoop of it back into your grinder.

Keep grinding until you are only left with fine coffee beans. At some point, you will need to stop and stir everything around to help break up the clumps. Stirring will give you more fine powder so that you end up with smooth coffee that you will enjoy sipping as you unwind the day. Therefore, by the time you are done, you want to ensure that you are left with super-fine powder.

There are different types of coffee beans; however, if you are beginning the preparation process, you will have to do the grinding for more extended periods as it improves the quality of your dalgona coffee. Once you have achieved the best smoothness, you will use the powder in place of your instant coffee packets. If you like, Kent & Sussex Tea Company has some of the best coffee beans that they sell at affordable prices. You will love the quality of dalgona tea that you can make with them.

Dalgona Coffee is Safe

If you have tried various types of coffee, you will realize that the dalgona type has impressive health benefits such as improved mental health and significantly reduced anxiety. Also, it will not take much of your time to make as long as you have everything else ready. While grinding your coffee beans, make sure that you have everything prepared to make your coffee.

Understandably, coffee is one of the few beverages with many myths around it, most of which are negative. One of the most famous tales is that coffee might stunt your growth. However, there is no study to back this claim. Different coffees have various health impacts on your body, and most of them are positive. Therefore, you don’t have any reason for trusting mere rumors without concrete evidence to back them.


Dalgona coffee is one of the healthiest beverages that might enhance your overall health. You can choose to take it cold or warm. Also, some users prefer making different coffees with refreshments, but that is entirely optional. What we do know is that dalgona coffee has been there for many years. Still, individuals have been continuously looking for the best ways to make it, especially following the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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