How to level up fast in PUBG Mobile: 6 tips to try

PUBG mobile is one of the front row games that is getting more popular with every passing day. While some play it just for amusement, others are quite passionate about it and play with utmost dedication.

Are you one of the players who want to push your limits and level up in the game? If yes, you have hit the right place. This guide has a list of six top-rated tips to help you level up in PUBG mobile and become a pro at it in no time.

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1. Stick to the classic gaming mode

If you want to level up in PUBG, the best way is to play the classic mode only. The classic mode offers the highest XP, which helps you level up quickly.

Even though it’s okay to experiment with other modes once in a while, you need to play the classic mode dominantly to level up in the game.

2. Kills are crucial

Another way to level up in PUBG is to get as many kills as you can. Try to land in a less popular spot as it will have the minimum or no experienced players.

In less popular spots, you can kill as many boots and noobs as possible and level up in your game.

3. Damage is necessary

Support is an essential criteria to judge your overall survival rating. One of the ways to increase your support rating is to show how much your character has healed in the game.

Hence, it is crucial to take some damage and revive back to full health, which will help you get a good support rating. Some of the ways to take damage to your character are being outside the zone, falling from heights, etc. You can get back to your health with the help of painkillers and bandages.

4. Survival is important

If leveling up in the game is of prime importance to you, make sure you don’t get killed easily. Your focus should be to make it to the top five or at most to the top ten players in PUBG.

You can get the highest XP if you can make your place among the top 5 players in the game. Winning can give you even better XP; hence focus on winning the game. Most players often get lured by the kills, but it won’t help you in the long term.

The best way to level up in PUBG is to avoid the aggressive game strategy and focus on smart gameplay to survive till the end.

5. A team with a similar aim helps you win the game

You will most probably be playing with teammates; therefore, it is crucial to find a squad that shares the same aim as yours. This means your squadmates should have the same mentality of leveling up and getting a higher XP.

Try to go for passive players and avoid players with an aggressive mentality.

6. Play the new mode Sonhok as much as possible

The newly released Sonhok map is smaller compared to other maps; therefore, it will take less time to complete the game. While other conventional maps can take up to forty minutes to complete a game, you can finish one Sonhok game in twenty-five minutes.

It means that you will be able to play more games in one hour in Sonhok, and it will give you more ratings.

Pro tip

Get your accessories sorted

Whatever device you are playing on, make sure that it has a good processor, a big screen, and good internet. You’ll also need a good pair of earphones to listen to everything with clarity.

Bad accessories will always hinder your gameplay and will make it even more difficult to achieve your goal. Therefore, having good quality and fine accessories is a must.


Here is the list of the six top tips to try when you are trying to level up fast in PUBG mobile. Make sure to read each tip carefully because any mistake from your side will bring your level down.

Hopefully, these tips helped you get some inside knowledge on how to level up, and you are ready to have a blast playing PUBG. In case of further queries, slide on to the comment section below.

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