How To Know If It Is The Best Time To Conceive A Baby?

When a couple wants to conceive a child, they want that to happen soon. If the woman fails to get pregnant, they both start getting anxious because the baby hasn’t arrived yet. The first thing they want to know is the best time to conceive a baby. Fortunately, there are very good ideas to keep in mind: studying each woman’s menstrual cycle, visiting a fertility specialist and you can even find it on the internet plenty of fertility readings online that are really useful. The best thing to do in these cases is to try different strategies until that much-desired pregnancy is finally achieved. Learn more about best time to conceive a baby at

Checking period

If a woman wants to get pregnant, it is essential that she know her own body.

The female cycle lasts approximately 28 days and starts on the first day of menstruation. The right time to get pregnant is the 14th or 15th day of the menstrual cycle, which is when ovulation occurs, the right time to get pregnant. For example, a woman starts menstruating on January 4, the ovulation date for her will be between January 18 or 19. If she wants to get pregnant, she should have sex either of those two days, preferably.

Every woman who wants to become pregnant should take note of the day that begins her period and deduce the day that ovulation is going to occur, which is the best time to conceive.

Going to a doctor

As we have already described, checking the period is the most important way to know the ideal time to conceive a baby. This option is ideal for women who have regular periods, i.e. menstruating every 28 days exactly. The problem arises when women have irregular menstrual cycles, meaning they have their period at different times. They can menstruate every 28 days, 20 days, 16 days, etc., since they do not follow a fixed parameter. In such cases, they should visit a doctor who studies your case, directs them according to their needs, and tells them exactly what is the best time to conceive.

Fertility reading

The woman who wants to know the best time to conceive a baby can find wise answers in surprising methods. Nowadays you can find on the internet plenty of fertility readings online which are very useful to know precisely the ideal time to conceive a child. This method will tell you how you should feel so that your body is highly receptive to a pregnancy. It is very important to know that fertility readings do not replace medical consultation. Women looking to become pregnant should always prioritize the doctor’s instructions. Fertility readings help women see their problem from a different perspective, where their emotions and personal vibratory energy are taken into account. Doctor’s instructions should be the primary guide for women who want to conceive a baby.

Healthy life

All women who want to know the best time to conceive a baby should know that living a healthy life promotes conception. Therefore, if you want to get pregnant you must eat properly, exercise, sleep 8 hours every night, etc. You should also avoid highly harmful habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and obviously never trying illegal drugs. If you follow a healthy lifestyle your body will benefit greatly and you will become pregnant soon. Keep in mind that you’re also benefiting the health of your future baby.

Inner balance

If you want to know what is the best time to conceive a baby you must take into account your inner balance. If you get along with your partner right now, have a stable job and feel healthy you could say that this is the best time to conceive a baby. On the other hand, if you are experiencing a couple’s crisis and have money problems, we could say that this is not a good time for you to get pregnant, even if you are obsessed with having a child. Before you get pregnant, you first have to be at peace with yourself.


Knowing the ideal time to conceive a baby is possible thanks to different methods that any woman can apply if she is looking to get pregnant. Although she must also take into account that she must lead a healthy life and be at peace with herself, so that the baby is born healthy and strong.

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