How to keep your vagina happy


Your body is your temple. It is a gift of nature, and it must be treated previously!

A lot of women spend hours perfecting their makeup or following a night time skincare routine. But for some reason, they overlook one of the most essential parts of their bodies – the vaginas!

Your vagina is essential to your body’s healthy functioning. Not only does it bless you with the gift of life, but it also keeps your body free of toxins, releases secretions and gives you immense sexual pleasure. Your vagina deserves just as much attention as your face or any other body part does!

In this guide, we will be giving you some of our top x tips on keeping your vagina happy. So keep reading to learn more:

Tip # 1: Go Undies-Free at Night

Your bedtime is all about letting the day’s stress go and just relaxing. If you are wearing an underwear, chances are, you are going to feel uncomfortable.

Going undies-free to bed is a great way to let your vagina breathe while relaxing your lower body. Sleeping undies-free will gives your vagina room to breathe and just unwind, making it healthy and happy!

Tip # 2: Be Careful When Picking Out Panties

While you can sleep undies-free during the nighttime, the day time requires you to have your undies on at all times! Whether you’re wearing jeans or a dress, undies are absolutely essential.

Since you’re likely to wear your panties throughout the day, it’s important to wear the right fabric.

How to choose the right fabric?

Always pick a cotton underwear as it promotes breathability down there, prevents moisture from pooling on the sides of your panties, and allows you to stay comfortable throughout the day. Unlike a thong, a cotton underwear is longlasting and can even hold your pad! It really is a solid investment and great for your vagina’s health and hygiene!

Tip # 3: Pick a Hydrating Lotion for Vagina

Never used a lotion for vagina? Then now is the time for you to start!

A good, hydrating lotion can do wonders for your vagina. Not only will it hydrate your skin and bring a glow to it, it will also prevent dryness and keep off the flakiness that could make your skin rough. With a reliable lotion, you can actually moisturize your vagina and keep its skin soft and hydrated!

Tip # 4: Trimmed Pubes are Good for You

Keeping or removing your pubic hair is up to you, but there are actually quite a few benefits of having pubes!

Trimming your pubes is a great way of avoiding the pain of waxing or the irritation of ingrown hairs from shaving. In addition, trimmed pubes won’t make your bikini line unruly (if that’s why you wish to get rid off your pubic hair).

More than this, trimmed pubes are better than no pubes at all because:

  • They protect you from germs and bacteria
  • They prevent sweating and rashes caused by friction
  • They help you avoid ingrown hairs, itchiness, cuts, and etc

Some other tips for keeping your vagina happy include:

  • Avoid using lubricants that contain petroleum, Parabens, fragrance, flavors, synthetic oils and artificial colors
  • Use body-safe pleasure toys made out of silicone, glass, ceramic, stone, and wood. These materials are also quite easy to keep clean!
  • Ensure safe sexual activities to protect your vagina from STDs
  • Stay hydrated and drink lots of water. Ditch the sodas and switch to flavored water to increase your intake and enjoy a beverage-like taste.
  • Eat a balanced diet to ensure your vagina is also healthy!

Follow these tips and keep your vagina happy and healthy!

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