How To Keep Your Car Cool In The Summer

The intense heat brought by the summer is the best time to go to places where we can cool down. However, most of us experienced being roasted alive after leaving our car in an open parking area. Also, this extreme heat can affect or damage our car, so it’s essential to keep our car cool during the summer.

If you are a responsible car owner, we advise you to pick the best coolant for your car since this is one of the best tools to ensure your vehicle stays cool during the summer. In addition, coolant is made to ensure your vehicle can still work correctly even in the summer or winter.

However, if you need other advices to make sure your car will still be in good shape in the summer, we have shortlisted the most effective ways you can apply.

The Greenhouse Gas Effect

Wondering why your car becomes as hot as an oven during the summer? The main reason for it is the Greenhouse Gas Effect, and maybe you already have an idea about it during your science class, right? Because of the solar heat that enters your vehicle through your car’s windows and gets trapped inside, and that’s what you call the greenhouse gas effect.

Also, the sun’s rays won’t just make your car’s temperature rise, but it can also have a bad effect on your health, considering the harmful UV rays brought by the sun. However, there are some ways to lessen this heat during the summer, so you won’t get irritated when you use your car.

Be Smart When Parking

From 11 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, that’s the time when you’ll feel the intense heat. So, it would be wise to choose a location where to park your car. Parking your vehicle where there is a shade is a smart move.

Most parking spaces right now have trees, so it would be nice to choose a location where shades are coming from trees. However, if you are in the city, you might want to park in the shade of a building. By this, you can avoid the sun heat being absorbed by your car.

However, you need to keep in mind that parking in an isolated area isn’t advisable, especially if you are not familiar with the place and plan to return in your car in the late hours.

Don’t Park in the Driveways

We advise you to avoid parking in an open area around your house, and you may notice your friends and neighbors use the driveways to park their vehicles. This can cause your car to heat up inside your vehicle and the engine even before using it.

We suggest having a closed parking garage for your vehicle, most especially in the summer. By this, you can avoid the sun rays going inside your car, and we consider this as one of the most innovative ways you can do. Having your private garage can surely make your car cool even if you’ll be away throughout the day.

Exposing your car to too much heat can affect your vehicle’s life span. So you have to think twice before leaving it in an open parking area regularly.

Check the Car’s Water Level

It’s essential to check your car’s water level because this helps your vehicle’s temperature cool down. Also, without enough water circulating in your car’s engine, this could result in overheating. So, make sure to check your water level if you have an extended drive plan this summer.

Also, you need to replace your engine’s belts and hoses every 3 years to ensure the circulation of the water will work properly.

Tint Your Car Windows

Since the sun rays enter through your car’s windows, tinting your car’s window is a good move. It is effective in reducing the heat inside your car whenever it is parked outside.

A good tint quality will block the sun’s thermal rays while letting a good amount of light pass through. This process is known to be the “high heat rejection rate” of the tint. Another good thing about tinting your car is it will block harmful UV rays. Use a car window tinting service to give your car the protection it needs and make your car look stylish.

However, you need to check first if tinting car windows are allowed in your place. Some places don’t allow any tint to be placed on the windshield, and some only allow a minimum of 60%-70% of sun rays to pass through your car’s windows.

Cool Your Car Before Driving

If you park your car outside during the intense heat of the day, you can expect that you’ll feel being roasted alive inside. And sometimes we feel that the car airconditioning works very slow in cooling our car. So the best thing you can do is make it cool for a few minutes before using it. How? You can open the door to let the cool air go inside your car and let the temperature cool down for a while.

You can also open your car’s air conditioning to cool down your car’s temperature quicker if you are in a rush before using it.

Cover Your Leather

Leather is good at absorbing heat, and we are sure that most vehicles’ interiors are made out of leather. That’s why we advise you to cover it whenever you park your car outside. This will prevent your interior from absorbing the heat that enters your car.

Consider buying cloth seat covers for your interiors, or you can also cover them with a towel or any cloth made of cotton. If you do this, you can quickly notice the difference.


It is indeed essential to make sure your car stays cool during the summer, not just the inside of your vehicle but also the engine. This is to make sure that your car won’t have any problem in the long run. The tips listed above are simple, and we are confident that every car owner can do it quickly.

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