How to Keep the Kids Entertained at Home?

You might have found yourself suddenly under the same roof as your kids for seven days a week, with nowhere to go and huge amounts of energy to burn off (for the kids, at least). With 19.2 million families in the UK, and many of them needing to keep minds sharp and sane in these uncertain times, we thought it best to take a look at ways to keep the kids entertained when all stuck at home.

Turn to YouTube

Kids are hugely familiar with YouTube nowadays, be it gaming tutorials, the ‘unboxing’ craze or many other platforms.

While some parents might have previously looked to limit how much time kids spend on YouTube, it can be incorporated into a daily routine to keep their minds and bodies active. Fitness entrepreneur Joe Wicks’ PE lessons have become a must-do for many during the UK’s lockdown period, while channels such as How Stuff Works, Science Bob and The Brain Scoop will spark their wonder while also keeping home-schooling fun!

Get in the garden

No matter the size of the outdoor space in your home, there are ways to keep the kids entertained. If you’ve got a large garden, great, they can run around and there’s plenty of space for activities.

If you’re working with a smaller area, get some small planters and grow some small herbs and pot plants. This is fun that will last over many weeks and can help educate them on the natural world too. If you live in a home without an outdoor space, for example, an apartment block – why not set up a windowsill garden, with some small herbs?

Keep things fun

It’s not all about sticking to strict guidelines, and fun time will also have to be factored in. Why not find a film or TV show that you can all enjoy. Whether it be Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or the newly launched Disney Plus, there are plenty of streaming services out there that have specific sections for kids to pick and choose from some of their favourites.

Go old school

You might have grown tired of the old board games and jigsaw puzzles in the loft many years ago – but have the kids ever seen them?

They might not be new to you but seeing them through fresh eyes might give the games a new lease of life and even take you back to your childhood for a few fleeting minutes! Just remember not to take things too seriously and get over-competitive with the little ones…

Hopefully you’ve got some good ideas to keep the kids busy and entertained in these uncertain times. If you’re making a purchase to beat the boredom, don’t forget to consider your financial situation first.

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