How To Improve Your House With Solar Panels Without High Costs

Solar energy is beneficial. This is evidenced not only by the advertising statements of provider companies but by the reviews of real users for whom solar power for homes has already become a reality. However, how can you convert your house to solar energy without spending a fortune?

Yes, this is our reality. To get free energy, you have to spend money. The price of solar panels is falling every year, but it is still difficult to call them publicly available. Consider what to do to save as much as possible on the installation and use of solar panels.

Solar Panels

Choose the Right Installation Location

The roof of the house is not the only place where you can install a solar station. It is true, in most cases, it becomes as illuminated as possible and has enough area to install the required number of panels. However, if you’re unfortunate enough that your roof is shaded or has a disadvantageous position concerning the sun, you need to look for a solution. You will either have to use more panels, settle for insufficient power generation and get it from the general network, or find a more suitable place to install it.

Find yourself or even better, ask a specialist where on the territory of your site the sun is shining the most. Maybe, it is the roof of a garage or outbuilding, or it’s a plot right on the ground constantly illuminated by the sun at any time of the day. Solar systems do not have to be installed on the roof of the house. This is convenient, as it is easier to connect the entire system, but if this is not profitable, use other places. The more light that enters your installation site, the fewer panels you will need, and this is already saving.

Choose Panels With a High Degree of Efficiency

Solar panels for your home should have maximum performance. You can consider more efficient monocrystalline panels. But they cost more. However, if you choose the cheaper but less efficient polycrystalline models, you will have to buy more. That is, there will be no savings. Therefore, it is better to consult a professional and find out which manufacturer offers the best panel prices in your area.

Solar Panels

You can also take a chance and order panels on the Internet, but then it is very likely that you will have to install them yourself. If something is done wrong, performance may drop and savings will be very doubtful.

Don’t count too much on advertising, especially one that promises you to install solar panels for free. The too-low price of panels should also alert you.

Analyze Offers

To choose a company that sells and installs solar panels, it is necessary to consider not only national operators. Solar companies nearby provide the same service but at a lower cost. There is no need to think that only professionals always work in large companies. There are also quite a lot of newcomers who are just learning. There may even be more of them than in local companies since national providers are forced to cover the shortage of personnel with specialists who do not have work experience and skills.

Very often, in regions remote from the central offices, large companies do not install systems themselves, but hire contractors. This means that you can choose favor of a more expensive large supplier company, but in reality, the same guys who work in your city will install the system for you.

Consider Different Property Options

Even if you have no money or desire to spend it on installing your station, you can get your solar-powered house in another way. There are two of them in total. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we dwell on each in more detail.

Solar Panel Rental

Rental of solar panels is a service that is essentially similar to the rental of any household appliances. That is, you use them and pay a fixed amount for them every month. All the energy that your solar house will generate you will use without paying for it.

What is the advantage of this offer? If your rent is below your electricity bill, then you can save a lot, depending on the price difference. If it is significant, then the savings will be significant too.

The main advantage of this type of use of a solar station is that you do not pay for its installation and for the equipment itself. The station does not belong to you, but even here there are options. If you want to transfer the station to your property over time, find a company that has this option. There are enough such offers on the market.

Contract of Sale

With this type of contract, you do not rent from the company, but vice versa. And it is not the equipment, but the installation site. Most often, companies agree to such proposals if the roof of the house is in good condition and is sufficiently illuminated.

The advantage of this type of rental is that you do not pay for installation. That is, the company installed the equipment and it belongs to it. But in this case, the company also owns the energy that solar panels produce. You can buy it from the provider at a lower price than mains electricity. If we talk about the fact that you want to have a Solar House and not pay for it, then this offer is profitable.

If we are talking about how profitable it is to buy energy from a provider company, then you need to ponder it. The fact is that such companies, as well as suppliers of network commercial electricity, raise the price of energy every year and this is prescribed in the contract. You will not be able to redeem the stations if you want, with a sale and purchase agreement, this option is very rare.

When we talk in general about how it is possible to profitably install solar panels on a house, then the lease and the sale and purchase agreement win unequivocally. When they are concluded, you do not have to spend a penny on equipment or its installation. But the further use of such stations will be beneficial to the extent that favorable conditions are specified in the contract with your provider company.

Benefits From the State

If you buy panels in the property, you can count on 26-30 percent of benefits from the state on the cost of the system. Every year the subsidy will decrease, so you can take advantage of the maximum benefit right now. If you take panels for rent or under a contract of sale, then the owner, that is, the provider company, can count on the benefit.

Also, each state and even region has its programs. Their terms and conditions are publicly available and you can always find them online. Using such systems of benefits, you can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing and installing a solar station.

Solar-powered homes are becoming more and more popular every year. They can be sold faster and more profitably, or you can enjoy the benefits of such an installation yourself. If you approach the issue wisely, you can save a lot on equipment. Ideally, a specialist tells you which panels are better to buy and where to install them. So you can be sure that you bought the best solar system for your home at a bargain price.

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