How to Improve Security and Privacy of Your Edmonton Windows

Various reasons make people choose Edmonton windows replacement. Basically, these reasons fall into two key categories which include; energy-related and appearance. Each of these factors is straightforward for most homeowners and for them, they make a lot of sense. For instance, it is not rocket science to understand that new replacement windows will improve the curb appeal of your home. Besides, new windows should enhance the energy efficiency of your home by reducing energy consumption.

However, that is not all that homeowners get when they install new replacement windows. Besides energy-related and improved curb appeal reasons, installing new replacement Edmonton windows enhance the security and privacy of your home. According to NorthTech Windows and Doors, these two benefits are usually overlooked when doing window replacement, but they are equally essential.

1. How Do New Windows Enhance Security of Your Home?

a. Burglars and Wood Window Frames

As you would imagine, burglars feel so happy when they see old and rotting wood frame or window. They know they won’t use much of their energy and time to get in your home and get what they need. Sometimes, all that they need is to give a strong blow on your windows or knock it using a crowbar, and your windows fly open and gain entry into your home.

However, with new Edmonton windows replacement, it won’t be easy for them to gain entry into your home. Sometimes, they will not even try breaking in. Keep off would-be-burglars from your home by installing new replacement windows.

b. Old Single Paned Windows Don’t Provide Much Security

Old and rotting windows and frames aren’t only the way would-be-burglars can gain entry into your home. Old, single-paned windows offer less resistance to burglars, and that makes your home more vulnerable.

The burglar would not need to get rid of the entire window, but only a small opening to gain reach of the locking mechanism and open it.

So, the solution is installing triple or double pane windows Edmonton.

c. Old Locking Mechanism

How is that state of the locking mechanism in your home? If you use rotating mechanisms that are fixed in position using bolts, you may not be secure. To make your home more secure, it is essential to use a key or code activated locks. These two offer the best locking mechanism that no one can access.

2. Privacy and Security Measures to Take

Apart from replacing your Edmonton windows and enhancing the locking mechanisms in your home, there are various add-ons that you can add to improve the security of your home and also offer an added level of privacy. Here are some of them:

a. Security Films

Transparent window films are fixed in the interior of the window panes and change your entire window from being vulnerable to burglars to one of the safest windows. When incorporated as adds-on with your new replacement windows, your house will achieve an unparalleled level of security.

b. Colored Films

Colored films are made to make your window opaque so that people cannot see inside while they are outside. The best thing is that colored films are cheap and offer an improved level of privacy from prying eyes.

c. Reflective Films

You can improve the privacy of your home by installing reflective films on your replacement windows Edmonton. They are just as their name suggests. The outside is a mirror but still allows you to observe what is happening outside.

3. What Shows You Should Replace Your Windows

Sometimes you will need to replace your windows to improve the security and privacy of your home, among other benefits. But when should you consider this option? When you see the following;

  1. Increasing energy bills-If your energy bills have been increasing; it means your windows Edmonton are letting in cold air that forces you to keep your HVAC system on for a long time hence, consume a lot of energy.
  2. You suffer from drafts while in your home.
  3. Nowadays you cannot open and close your Edmonton windows with ease as you used to some months ago.
  4. You can hear everything people are talking while in your home.
  5. There are mould and mildew growth in your home.
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