How To Identify The Early Signs Of Termites

It is estimated that termites cost homeowners over $1 billion every year! It’s not just the financial cost of having to call in the experts and have the termites exterminated. There can be a significant cost associated with repairing damaged sections of your home. Much of this will depend on how long the termites have been in your property.

The average termite colony will eat through 6 inches of 2×4 wood in just five months more alarming is the fact that termite colonies are happy to live in close proximity. That means you can have more than one colony under your floorboards

It’s essential that you know how to identify termites in the early stages of an infestation. It will allow you to get prompt treatment and minimize the damage caused.

Windows & Doors Sticking

Wooden windows and doors can swell in humid and wet weather. This is because they absorb the moisture, enlarging the door or window and making it harder for them to be opened or closed.

However, it’s not just moisture that can cause this issue. If a door or window suddenly becomes harder to open and close and the weather seems to have no effect on it, then there is a good chance there are termites inside the door. As they eat their way through the wood they will create pressure which forces the wood to expand.

You’ll want to take a closer look at the door or window to see if they have tiny holes in them. This is where the termites have entered and exited the wood.


Many people think of termite baiting as an effective way to kill a termite colony. It is. You simply place the termite bait trap near where you think they would create or have a colony. The termites will find the bait station and test the food. Once they are happy it is safe they will mark the bait station as a good food source. That’s when you can switch the bait and add poison to kill the colony.

This is effective. But, simply having a termite baiting station down also means you’ll be alerted to their presence if they are in your home. All you have to do is put the station in position and check it regularly, if the bait is disappearing you probably have termites.

You can switch to poison bait to eliminate the issue and contact a professional to ensure all the termites have been killed.

Crumbling Wood

Wood is typically very strong. It rots from water exposure or a pest infestation. If you notice sections of wood in your home are disintegrating then there is a good chance you have a termite problem.


As termites move through wood they will cause the paint on the surface to blister or bubble. You’ll also be able to see the small pinholes that tell you the termite has invaded.

These pieces of damage are easy to spot if you’re looking. That’s why the key to successfully detecting termites early is to regularly inspect your home. Your wallet will thank you for it.

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