How to get the HPV Vaccine in Texas

While there is no cure for cancer and there is no treatment to stop a person from getting cancer there is a vaccine that can reduce the risk of getting a specific type of cancer. HPV is a type of cancer that affects the reproductive system and can be easily passed with sexual contact. There is an HPV vaccine in Texas that can be given to people during their adolescent years to help reduce the risk of contracting this cancer.

About the Vaccine

Around 80 million people in the United States alone carry HPV. Not all types of HPV will lead to cancer and in most cases, the body will be able to get rid of HPV on its own. Some of the strains will not go away and it can lead to cancer. A person cannot tell if their HPV infection will lead to cancer or if it will go away. The vaccine will decrease the number of HPV infections and precancer in young people.

This vaccine is recommended for children around the age of 11 or 12. A person that is age 15 can still get the HPV vaccine in Texas but they will need to take an additional shot and it will not be as effective in preventing cancer. In the state of Texas, only around 39 percent of kids have this vaccination. That ranks that state 44 out of the 50 states. Citizens can take measures to protect their children.

Who is the Vaccine for?

Both boys and girls can benefit from this vaccine. It is a two-shot service and will help prevent most cases of cancer from HPV. Teens that take this shot at a later time may need three shots for it to be fully effective.

The vaccine is safe and it has been studied. A child may experience pain at the injection site or mild side effects like they would with any other vaccination. Scientists and doctors have monitored the use of this vaccine around the world. It is safe and effective. The vaccine is recommended by the American Cancer Society.

Where to get the HPV Vaccine

A parent can ask their child’s doctor about the HPV vaccine and they can get it right at their office. A parent can also call 2 1 1 Texas to find out more information. Most insurance plans will cover the HPV vaccine. If a child does not have insurance of their coverage will not take care of the HPV vaccine they can get it through the Texas Vaccines for Children Program. A child between the ages of 9 and 18 can be part of this program.

A parent can also turn to the internet and find out a lot of information on the dangers of HPV and the vaccine. Just because a child gets this vaccine does not mean that they should not speak to a parent or another trusted adult about safe sex. They still need to practice safe sex at a later age and they should not be encouraged to have sex as an adolescent. This vaccine is to help prevent risk in the future and keep the young person safe as they grow up.

HPV is a real threat and can lead to cancer. There is a vaccine that can help reduce the risk of this cancer-causing infection. A parent should speak to their child’s doctor about the HPV vaccine and how it can keep their child safe.

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